Giacomo Casanova

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Giacomo Casanova was the most prolific Chad of the 18th century. He had 180 women and was able to fuck everyone he got his eyes on.

Pick up Art[edit | edit source]

Antonio Casanova can be considered the most famous PUA of 18th Century, in fact he wrote the book "history of my life" in which he explained the strategy he uses to seduce women: he claimed he seduced girls with "conversation skills" that he used to arouse emotions into women who consequently developed sexual desire for him. the truth is Casanova was a liar because he fucked all theese girls thanks to his LMS, not "seduction skills", in fact:

  • he came from upper social classes (high Status and Money)
  • he was very attractive and even the emperor complimented him on his beauty.
  • he was extremely tall, 187 cm (20 cm above the average male height of that time, that is 99.6 percentile)

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