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Name: David Buss
Date of Birth: 14 April, 1953
Occupation: Psychologist, researcher, lecturer
Ethnicity: American

David Buss is a psychologist and lecturer at the University of Texas, Austin.[1] He is widely considered one of the founding thinkers, if not the father of, evolutionary psychology.[2]

His core areas of research include greater female parental investment (in his view, promoting greater female choosiness and hypergamy),[3] sexual conflict,[4] domestic violence, and the evolutionary roots of male sexual coercion of women.[5]

One of his primary arguments involves the idea that there is a fundamental evolved sex difference in mate preferences wherein women tend to select for status and wealth in men, and signs that men are willing to invest in them and their offspring, while men select more for markers of fertility and health in their female partners, such as physical attractiveness.[6]

His view on incels, who he briefly mentions in his book, When Men Behave Badly, is that they are a subculture stemming from male 'resentment' based on rejection by women, deriving from women's natural tendency to reject low mate value males. He is a liberal feminist and believes free-mate choice is a fundamental human right, and thus rejects any imposition of 'enforced monogamy' as a solution to the incel question.[7]

Buss instead advises incels that they should strive to 'improve their mate value' by improving their income, physical appearance, dependability and 'stability' instead of 'stewing and getting angry that women don't want you', and that autistic incels should focus on 'improving your social skills'.[8]

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