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A Silverfox is an attractive, distinguished, older (generally age 50 or over) man, usually with silver or white head hair and or a silver or white beard. The Silverfox archetype is not talked about much in the Incelosphere or the wider Manosphere in general, largely because these men aren't usually competing for young women as most couples are fairly aged matched. Still the most commonly mentioned Silverfoxes are male Fashion Guru Greg Berzinsky, and actor George Clooney.[1][2] On Photofeeler, a website were people anonymously rank different aspects of your appearance, smarts, competence, attractiveness etc. Silverfoxes have the absolute highest scores, and the most positive social appraisals from both genders, such as being the ideal boyfriend, C.E.O, father etc. Some individual Incels and people on Incel Tears will photoshop feeler results to make their favorite male model seem more attractive than he really he is or in the case of Incel Tears photoshop an ugly person's results to make it seem like they are better looking than they really are. The highest score a young man can get in attractiveness on Photofeeler being rated by women, is a 9.8/10, to get any higher than that women require the man to look at least middle aged.

The Incel Wiki Team has done hundreds of Photofeeler experiments of every archetype of man on the internet, including morphs made with the latest A.I technology FaceApp and Midjourney, and although the A.I can create men that max out a single category, for example attractiveness, smarts, or confidence, it is unable to match the overall aesthetic appeal that a couple Silverfoxes have, for example George Clooney in his 2 best photos, one smiling, one resting face[3], are rated so ridiculously high overall compared to anyone else, he is literally in a league by himself, in addition to maxing out attractiveness in both smiling and resting face. With the runner up being actor Patrick Dempsey. Dempsey in his best smiling photo actually statistically maxed out all 3 categories (at least 8 very's in a category on 10 votes) in business as a C.E.O. Competence, likability, and influence[4]. Dempsey also maxed out smarts in the dating category, and was only 1 very vote away from maxing out trust. Now one would think this would be enough to overthrow Clooney but despite these feats women actually rated Dempsey drastically lower than what one would expect from those intangibles, as he only got 1 very vote in attractiveness and from a rater that usually rates high anyway, and a attractiveness score of 7.9/10[5].

Although that is high, a 10/10 in exponentially higher, in fact theres a ridiculous exponential difference between a score of 9.8/10 and 10/10, as one can receive 9.8/10 score with as little as 4 very's in attractiveness on 10 votes but must have 7-8/10 very's on 10 votes for a 10/10 score. Women rated Dempsey so much lower precisely because he completely maxed out the intangibles, and thus perceive him to be overly masculine. This goes along way in explaining why Dempsey is rated drastically worse than Clooney on the hottest male celebrities of all time Ranker list, #91 vs #40[6]. Although that list is about overall attractiveness not just appearance. Johnny Depp, the guy women rated as #1 did actually get a 10/10 in attractiveness on this picture[7].

Although Depp doesn't look like a conventional Silverfox as he doesn't have the silver hair or silver beard, and looks "wore out" from his heavy drug use, he was extremely good looking to begin with and these "flaws" humanize him, as looking "too conventionally perfect" leads to a social perception of arrogance, and he still fulfills the requirement set upon by women to get a 10/10 by looking obviously middle aged. As noted in the Beauty article, the bulk of the evidence shows beauty is not a reliable indicator of health, IQ, or morality, and we can see by looking at the extremes, the absolute most handsome men, men that score a 9+/10 in physical attractiveness, actually often have neurobiological disorders, such as ADD/ADHD/a propensity towards violence/Dysgraphia and its related impairments, Dyslexia, trouble maintaining stable romantic relationships, and more issues. Considering these disorders subtlety affect facial feature development, one would expect the absolute best looking men to be completely free of these traits, but this is not the case, as some disorder is being socially selected for. For example, the Incel Wiki Team had multiple childhood photos (around the age of 6) of men that women gave 9+/10 in attractiveness (Clooney, Roman Reigns, Depp, John Cena, Jeremy Meeks etc.) rated in the Social section.

Although children score lower than adults, nearly all of them scored normal for a child, with Clooney scoring outlierly low, meaning he actually started out as hideous, and no one of that group scored outlierly high for a child. To compare, the top scoring boy at all, by far, in a league all his own is one of the child models from the modeling group the "Tolliver Boyz" sons of entertainer/singer Quincy Tolliver[8]. Since 0 top male model very young children have ever grown up to be even notable let alone top male model/actor adults its safe to say the Tolliver kid will dramatically regress toward the mean with age, also George Clooney was only average looking as rated by women in his young adult pictures, and then all of the sudden his scores massively improved in his 30s as he aged quickly and developed crows feet early, along with under eye bags, forehead wrinkles, and creases in his nasolabial folds, during the time he starred in the show E.R. Where he first gained massive world wide fame for being a heartthrob, and then his scores eventually peaked in his 50s. Although Jeremy Meeks is not commonly cited as a Silverfox the same thing happened to him where he very clearly became massively better looking in his 30s when you compare his teenage photo he has on his Instagram and his early mugshots to his last one and subsequent modeling photos.

This really highlights how important physiognomy is for aesthetics. Considering all of the top men, were regular looking or worse as children, for example, Matthew Clavane was a fat kid as a child[9]. It's hard to say what could be considered ideal development, the early head start in looks, to inevitably heavily recede or the average or worse young, late bloomer scenario. The Incel Wiki Team created a hyper realistic averaged Mid-Journey morph of 5 top rated actors according to women. These men also are free of any neurobiological disorders including Dysgraphia, criminal traits, have the median level of sexual partners, no confirmed gay relations and tend to be highly educated/ elite pedigree. Jensen Ackles, Eddie Redmayne, Theo James, Hugh Jackman, and Christian Bale. The purpose of the experiment is to see how socially desirable a "flawless" adult phenotype can be. The morph got a 9.8/10 attractiveness, and similarly high scores in trust and smarts[10].

However comparatively bombed in Business as C.E.O. Only scoring very high normal in competence and average in likability, the test we've ran so far with the largest discrepancy in being rated highly in dating and scores as a C.E.O. Considering all of these people look extremely young for their age, its possible their composite morph scores may improve in 20+ years from 2023, when they actually look middle aged[11]. Even though the common saying is that men get better looking with age, the official studies show most men get worse, in large part due to balding. Still the factors leading toward becoming a conventional Silverfox are extremely consistent and formulaic. For less than middle aged men a full beard/heavy stubble can have inconsistent results ie. it can make you look better or worse depending on the individual, except in the case where the man has outlierly low facial masc/extremely high facial femininity or looks cutecel, where it very consistently raises the man's overall appearance then, and in the case for a full silver beard its a requirement to get the highest photofeeler scores possible, although the length whether it looks better short-close to the skin or larger/longer depends on an individual case by case basis. The silver beard mainly boosts the attractiveness rating, in some cases dramatically so as women rated Greg Berzinsky a 4/10 resting face without the beard and a 7/10 with it. The silver head hair mainly increases smarts and trust perception compared to regular hair color[12][13].

Considering only 33% of men wear beards, quite alot of middle aged men in the West could dramatically increase their looks[14]. Middle aged beard maxxing has actually become very popular is certain populations of the black community, as there are numerous Beard Gang Facebook social groups in places such as Cincinnati Ohio, as well as black dating groups where everyone can clearly see the silverfox men get the most praise from women. Also there is the Silverfox Squad, a group of about 11 black men with millions of views on social media for all of them being middle aged, in shape, wearing full beards, and fashion maxxed suits.[15]

Further testing on Photofeeler using the photo caption "Rate my raw sex appeal in place of attractiveness" still shows that nearly all the silverfoxes have sexy faces as rated by women, however their raw sex appeal goes straight out of the window as soon as they are shirtless even if they have a natural decent shape body. Only when extremely as in likely using supraphysiological amounts of male hormones muscular are the silverfoxes sexy shirtless, and even then that only lasts as long as their skin stays less than 70 years old in which case laser skin rejuvenation would have to implemented on sexy areas like the back, the hands, the chest, shoulders, abs and arms along with the face. Being say 45 and looking 25 is good but dyeing hairs any colour to hide the natural silver/grey would likely after the Incel Wiki teams hundreds of tests and years of research, be seen as disgusting to women. Also to maximize raw sex appeal the silver beard should be close to the face instead of gigantic or very large meaning silverfox Greg Berzinksy should ideally cut his beard moderately shorter and trimmed more than most of his photos.

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