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Sylvain Poirier is a French incel mathematician. He got a PhD in math, but hated the academic system. Poirier is now working alone to rebuild mathematics from his own fundamentals. Outside of math, he also developed theories that, in his opinion, could save the world. Specifically opinions about inceldom and philosophy/politics.

In 2007, he was a candidate for the France presidential election, but obviously nobody took him seriously.

".. a very painful situation."[edit | edit source]

"I still could not have any significant love relationship and it is a very painful situation. Why did happen, you may ask ??? Well, because of my passion for science, the society "advised" (in fact forced) me to dedicate my youth to "study" mathematics in the stupid standard curriculum, to get a stupid PHD of maths and then a stupid position of assistant professor in the stupid university system. Then it was already too late: all beautiful girls I found then already had boyfriends. Also, there was an incredible accumulation of incredible "miracles" that prevented me from finding love (yes, God hates me and thus forced me to hate him too !). So I had to waste the rest of my life depressing of loneliness and searching for love in vain, while I wished much better to dedicate it to science and to making the world better !" - Sylvain Poirier on his blog

Links[edit | edit source]

  • [1] - his main work, aiming to rebuild mathematics with (almost) no prerequisites
  • [2] - why he is upset
  • [3] - he defends the right to find love and develops ideas to make incels life better
  • [4] - his project to revolutionize the internet
  • [5] - his program for the France 2007 elections (in French)
  • [6] - his ad in hope to find love. Let's hope he eventually finds it like Just James

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