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Sylvain Poirier is a French incel mathematician. He got a math phd but hated the academic system, and is now working alone to rebuild, as he sees it, mathematics from it's foundations. Outside math, he also developed theories that, in his opinion, could save the world. Specifically opinions about inceldom and philosophy/politics.

In 2007, he was a candidate for the France presidential election, but obviously nobody took him seriously.

Links[edit | edit source]

  • [1] - his main work, aiming to rebuild mathematics with (almost) no prerequisites
  • [2] - why he is upset
  • [3] - he defends the right to find love and develops ideas to make incels life better
  • [4] - his project to revolutionize the internet
  • [5] - his program for the France 2007 elections (in French)
  • [6] - his ad in hope to find love. Let's hope he eventually finds it like Just James

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