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Scott Aaronson
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Name: Scott Aaronson
Date of Birth: May 21, 1981
Occupation: Professor of Computer Science
Ethnicity: white

Scott Aaronson is an incelologist, former protocel, and American professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT. In the incel community, he is notable for being one of the only academics in the world to address the problem of involuntary celibacy, by writing at length about his previous involuntary singledom.

Writings on involuntary celibacy[edit]

Scott Aaronson has written about several aspects of involuntary celibacy.

My recurring fantasy, through this period, was to have been born a woman, or a gay man, or best of all, completely asexual, so that I could simply devote my life to math, like my hero Paul Erdös did. Anything, really, other than the curse of having been born a heterosexual male, which for me, meant being consumed by desires that one couldn’t act on or even admit without running the risk of becoming an objectifier or a stalker or a harasser or some other creature of the darkness.

— Scott Aaronson

The sub-8 law[edit]

All this time, I faced constant reminders that the males who didn’t spend months reading and reflecting about feminism and their own shortcomings—even the ones who went to the opposite extreme, who engaged in what you called “good old-fashioned ass-grabbery”—actually had success that way. The same girls who I was terrified would pepper-spray me and call the police if I looked in their direction, often responded to the crudest advances of the most Neanderthal of men by accepting those advances. Yet it was I, the nerd, and not the Neanderthals, who needed to check his privilege and examine his hidden entitlement!

— Scott Aaronson

Society's abandonment of incel males[edit]

But let me draw your attention to one difference: the number of academics who study problems like the one I had is approximately zero. There are no task forces devoted to it, no campus rallies in support of the sufferers, no therapists or activists to tell you that you’re not alone or it isn’t your fault. There are only therapists and activists to deliver the opposite message: that you are alone and it is your privileged, entitled, male fault.

— Scott Aaronson

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