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A troubadour, according to French poet Christian Bobin's Louise Amour, is a man who sings to the whole world the grace of an inaccessible woman, married to someone other than him, married, one might say, to everyone except him."[1] Or, as he writes in La nuit du coeur, "The troubadours were those warriors who wore a poem for armor. I took their armor, I adopted their song. It's very simple, the moral of troubadours. It is about loving and dying in your inaccessible love."[2]

In troubadour poetry, the woman is referenced as a "Lord", with the man in the lower position as a "knight" who must prove his love to the Lord to earn it.

Incels becoming troubadours[edit | edit source]

Some incels become troubadours when they see an attractive girl who chooses Chad(s) over them. They write on incel forums about how wonderful she is, and how devastated they are not to have her. This sometimes causes a great amount of consternation and resentment among their incel brethren, who regard this behavior as bluepilled and cucked, although the counter-argument is that the troubadour's art form requires a refined cultural palate to appreciate.

Troubadours and gynocentrism[edit | edit source]

Troubadours were arguably the start of systemic female-sex-favoritism in the West, so around the 12th century. In that the poems contained a code for chivalry that eventually made it's way into general courting activity, not involving cucking a woman from her husband.

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. "Un troubadour est un homme qui chante au monde entier la grâce d'une femme inaccessible, mariée à un autre que lui, mariée, pourrait-on dire, à tous sauf à lui."
  2. "Les troubadours étaient ces guerriers qui avaient pour armure un poème. J'ai pris leur armure, j'ai adopté leur chant. C'est très simple, la morale des troubadours. Il s'agit d'aimer et de mourir dans son amour inaccessible."