Angela Nagle

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Name: Angela Nagle
Date of Birth: 1984
Occupation: cultural critic/writer
Ethnicity: White (Irish)

Angela Nagle is a female, socialist, literary scholar who has been an involuntary formal representative for involuntary celibates since about June 2017. This makes her the first, modern, formal incel representative. Representing incels on ABC news, Fuse TV, and the BBC. She wrote basically the only book about 4chan using shallow research, but a few pages in her book contained enormous empathy for incels, causing anti-incels and other leftbook BPD cretins to get real butthurt. Her 3-4 pages on incels were the only pages anyone really cared about. However, Nagle has helped put a few meaningful discussions into the political sphere, including how rising involuntary virginity energizes right-wing politics (ala William Reich) and how the decline in monogamy helps "cause inceldom" (ala Roger Devlin).

Politics[edit | edit source]

Ideology[edit | edit source]

She is an Irish, socially conservative, populist, nationalist, authoritarian socialist. This has caused various anti-incels to label her as a Nazi, crypto-fascist, Nazbol, or a Strasserite. However, she is not strictly right-wing or left-wing (in the conventional U.S meanings of the terms) or anti-Semitic. According to the english Wikipedia as of 2019, right-wing can mean that you simply believe in natural hierarchies (even if you don't believe they are desirable), in which case she is right-wing, but she also fits the 'left-wing' definition on the english Wikipedia. She also self-identifies as left wing.

She is against SJW culture and has expressed discontempt for their influence in the party Democratic Socialists of America, and elsewhere. She has expressed fondness for Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson and a conservative socialist author named Christopher Lasch.

Writing[edit | edit source]

She started out as a feminist writing for various Irish news publications. Since the, she has written for the left-populist publication, 'The Baffler' and the conservative outlet, 'American Affairs', among others.

Influence[edit | edit source]

Before the Alek Minassian attack, she was a source of empathy and cool-headedness about the incel problem. However, after the Alek Minassian attack, her statement on the BBC that incel was a subculture instead of a life circumstance helped people pidgeonhole and virgin shame incels, as well as deny involuntary celibacy is a thing on Wikipedia and elsewhere. In fact, one of the biggest fights on Wikipedia around the time of her BBC appearance was whether or not to keep the wikipedia incel article as describing a real life circumstance, or change it to describe 4chan culture (instead of just having a fucking article on 4chan culture and not politically denying that involuntary celibacy is a thing). On Wikipedia, the anti-science folks won and incel was re-labled as a subculture causing Wikipedia to purge citations about inceldom from the journal of sex research and other peer reviewed articles which took the concept of involuntary celibacy seriously from an academic perspective. However, people generally revert citations from Nagles work or appearances on the wikipedia incel article because they cant have anyone sympathetic cited, only criticism.

She also did an interview with the Guardian post-Minassian and basically said incels were right about love not being part of the equation of dating anymore.

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