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Thugmaxxing is a term used for white guys who try to imitate urban black guys in order to get laid. Thugmaxxers will adopt a ghetto style of dressing, speaking and musical taste, These people can also be referred to wiggers.

Thugmaxxers are often attracted to Black women and desire a more dangerous life in ghettos and the hood. This can also lead to a more "exciting" life filled with danger, drugs, and violence. However, their desire to thugmaxx may be due to impress other women of different races by imitating that of a 'gangster' black man. Some possible results from thugmaxxing could include joining a gang, having a successful rap career, or developing success in basketball

Because of this extreme lifestyle, the lifespan of thugmaxxers can be cut short. Yet some incels choose this path because they prefer a short adventure-filled life rather than a boring life without sex.

History[edit | edit source]

Ever since the start of the transatlantic trade, white men have had a fascination with black men; an explanation may be that they felt inferior to their slaves, so they introduced laws to prevent white women to engage in hypergamy with black men, examples of this may include in states of America where interracial marriage was ofcourse banned for a long period. This changed in the 1960s when the civil rights movement started. White men had to start competing in the sexual market with black men and while they generally won in the end, interracial dating started to become more normalized causing white women to date outside their race and date black men, women who often go for Black men more then white men are often known as 'snowbunnys'. To counteract this trend, some white men had adopted some aspects of the African American culture, like Elvis Presley or Frank Sinatra, leading them to massive success, But after the Jim Crow laws were removed, thugmaxxing started to become more and more common as a way for white men to keep themselves sexually relevant.

One of the earliest examples of a thugmaxxer is to be found in the fictional character of Felix in Harry Crews' book All We Need of Hell. Felix is the son of white parents who, as the narrative develops, begins to adopt the mannerisms, speech, and sensibilities of a black Southerner athlete he spends time with. Although the book was published in 1987, it was actually written in the 1970s.

Recent trends[edit | edit source]

American culture in recent years has focused on more black centered culture, with the popularity of trends such as twerking and more traditionally black feminine features, such as large buttocks, popularized by the Kardashians. Additonally, rap music has been extremely popular in the last decade, as seen on platforms such as Soundcloud. Hypebeast fashion also has its roots in black street fashion. The Africanisaiton of popular culture has had other consequences, such as the popularization of twerking within in a great example American culture.

Other recent trends may include the development and popularity of Brandon Currington, a popular icon to Thugmaxxers who wish to adopt a ghetto style of life.

Thugmaxxing traits[edit | edit source]

Thugmaxxers may be interested or attracted to initially in;

  • Interest in rap/hip hop
  • Basketball
  • Black culture in general
  • Learning to twerk (this may be inclusive to femcels)
  • Hood" fashion such as basketball shoes, "sagging"
  • Having "baby mommas"
  • Smoking marijuana
  • Wearing gold chains

Thugmaxxing idols[edit | edit source]

Tupac, an idol for some thugmaxxers

Thugmaxxers may find their idols in hip hop artists, well known black gangsters and other assorted 'thugs', some known examples;

  • Kanye
  • Biggie Smalls
  • Perrell Laquarious
  • Brandon Currington
  • Tupac
  • Snoop Dogg

While none of these individuals themselves are actually incels, they provide an inspiration for what thugmaxxers wish to become, a "popular" black gangster who engages in black culture and is able to pick up women like flies. Thugmaxxers may find inspiration additionally in white men who rap or again try to portray themselves within black culture, examples include;

  • Vanilla Ice
  • Eminem