Thomas Hobbes

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Name: Thomas Hobbes
Date of Birth: April 5, 1588
Occupation: Political Philosopher
Ethnicity: English

Thomas Hobbes was an English philosopher, historian and mathematician[1] best known for developing the highly influential social contract theory in his work Leviathan.

He remained unmarried throughout his life, bore no children,[2] and has been posthumously claimed to have had exhibited symptoms of Asperger's syndrome. Hobbes was born prematurely, apparently due to maternal stress (the arrival of the Spanish Armada off the coast of England), which has been linked to both autistic traits and sexlessness.[3][4]

Hobbes was accused in his time of being an atheist,[5] believed the state of nature to be matriarchal,[6] and had a notoriously cynical view of human nature. He considered male's (general) superior physical strength to be the basis of patriarchy, won by conquest over women's natural seniority when it came to child-rearing.[7][8]

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