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Hatchling sea turtles must find the ocean based on light from the horizon, but light pollution makes them lose orientation and starve.

A mismatchcel is a person who's inceldom can primarily be attributed to an evolutionary mismatch. Evolutionary mismatch simply means that the current environment mismatches the one in which humans evolved in, which may cause some malfunction in human behavior, including sexual behavior, i.e. reduced reproductive success (fitness).

Potential mismatches[edit | edit source]

  • Arranged marriages vs free mate choice: Historically, arranged marriages were often the norm, so today's dating world with emphasis on free mate choice, individualism etc., may mismatch innate expectations that we may evolved to have for our parents to be involved in partner choices, and for mate choice to occur within a community and with the approval of others. In a large sample of hunter-gatherer societies, 70% primarily practiced arrange marriage,[1] and also in medieval Europe arranged marriages were the norm.[2]
  • Death of male coalitions: Cross-cultural evidence points to men forming male coalitions, organizing in competence hierarchies[3] in order to extract resources[4] and monopolize the women of other men.[1] Hence the entire concept of women entering these male coalitions and working side-by-side with men, as well as romantic relationships in terms of equal romantic investment, are evolutionary novel, and possibly corrupt epistatic pathways in the development of male behavior.[5] Women have rarely ever been individuals themselves, but merely passive motivators for male intrasexual competition.[3][6]
  • Affirmative action for women: Women have never occupied higher status than men,[7] so men getting mogged by women left and right may be a source of great confusion and shyness in men. In women, combined with their hypergamy, this also causes a mismatch as they naturally expect to find men more dominant than themselves, and rather stay singles when failing to find a partner who matches their expectations (see hypergamy). Women have always been dependent on men,[8] but today, they can live entirely off of the state, so they have less incentive to pair bond with men.
  • Atheism: Most human societies have also been highly religious,[9] whereas modern civilizations are highly atheistic. Atheism tends to imply lower birth rates[10] which may be evidence that it creates more inceldom, possibly because religions tend to promote procreation, enforce monogamy and cultivate community life.
  • Behavioral sink: Other mismatches may include overpopulation, an aging population or even the rise of mutations and disruption of social epistasis (see behavioral sink).
  • No responsibility: Historically, marriage directly concerned important questions about inheritance of land and wealth. Today, there is a growing disenfranchised population that has virtually nothing, is in debt and merely rents properties from landlords. This is exaggerated by economic stagnation. Millennials have only a fraction of the worth babyboomers had at the same age.[11] As a result, traditions and adaptations concerning heritage and responsibility lose their meanings.
  • Milder ecology: Historically, males needed to fight and compete for survival. Today, resources are directly provided to women if necessary. Male competition is prohibited and men are shamed to be nice and agreeable, which also reduces ecological harshness (see antifragility).
  • Environmentalism & pessimism: Historically, it was rarely ever a question to not have children. Usually, children were needed to maintain land, power and wealth of the family. Associating something bad with reproduction is highly evolutionary novel.
  • Late marriage and no enforced monogamy: The age of marriage is very late in many Western countries because of feminism and economic stagnation. This means nobody enforces monogamy until the late 20s or early 30s, and the result is a more feral dating landscape that r-strategists heavily exploit and which does not cater to people who are rather interested in long-term relationships (k-strategists).
  • Decline of communities: Closely related to the decline of religion, enforced monogamy and arranged marriage, communities have suffered in recent years with loneliness rates skyrocketing. Today, the majority of couples meet online, followed by in a bar or at a restaurant, and there has been a strong decline in meeting through friends, family, school, work etc.[12] This may increase the importance of extroversion, a personality trait that is 60% genetic,[13] and thereby give rise to shycels.

Mismatch vs alienation[edit | edit source]

The notion of alientation is a very similar concept that has often be raised in the past, and it is frowned upon because Marxists use it to justify their utopias which have so far never worked, and also creates a negativity about work and modernity which is demotivating for some.

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