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A standardcel or standardscel is someone whose volceldom can be attributed to being too picky, i.e. having too high standards. Some men with standards are also incel. For example, the man who says he wouldn't have sex with fat women and is not desired even by fat women anyway, makes his standards a moot issue.

It is also possible for a man to be a volcel without being a standardscel, for example, if he has chosen to give his life to God and become a priest even though he could have had sex with supermodels if he had wanted to.

"Standardcel" is synonymous with "hicel" which stands for "high-standards celibate".

In one study, choosiness did predict worse mating performance, but only among volcels, suggesting most standardcels are volcels.[1]

Men settle, Women enact standards[edit | edit source]

Talk of high or low or standards is completely different than the way most men view dating to begin with. Men most of the time are willing to be with whatever woman is willing to settle for them. Thats all most men are looking for, a woman that wants to settle for them and be willing to accept their flaws and for this, a man will literally sacrifice his life or work himself to death in order to support a wife and family. Women probably have trouble understanding this because settling is a pejorative to most women, but that is the GOAL most men endeavor towards. The way men date is a womans worst nightmare.

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