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A fakecel is someone who pretends to be, sees themselves as, or just likes hanging out with or defending incels, despite having had sexual relationships in the past. Some fakecels know the pain of inceldom, because they experienced long stretches of inceldom in between relationships, or became sexually active at an old age. Chadcel or fakecel can also refer to someone who is good looking, but is incel due to mentalceldom.

Many incel communities have fakecels amongst their userbase. On incels.co, some notable fakecel's have been outed including, but not at all limited to Limerencel,[1] TellemT, blackletcel, and whogivesafucc.

Tests for determination of Fakecel[edit | edit source]

Indisputable characteristics of truecels[edit | edit source]

  1. Lack of ability to acquire sexual relationships past the age of consent (exclusion of Winston Smith Complex or "rebellious teen sex")
  2. Females are not gravitated towards, and attempt to contact, the person in question (Proxemics and Wheat Waffles' assessment[2] on determining attraction)
  3. Females are not likely to genuinely smile or "make silly faces" at the person in question (from Wheat Waffles' assessment[2])
    1. The three major indices for genuine smiles[3][4][5]:
      1. Lowered eyelids and crows feet
      2. Raised mouth corners and cheeks
      3. Lack of chin-pinching and showing of lower teeth
    2. There are forms of smiles[6] that are excluded from this:
      1. Dampened, contempt, malicious or "qualifier" smile
      2. Embarrassment, fear, misery or "fake" smile

Disambiguation between Mentalcel vs Lookism[edit | edit source]

  1. Lookism is defined by these two traits, where an unbiased online ranking system would be able to consistently rank them as unattractive. The point system used by Wheat Waffles can be used to quantify attractiveness if ranking surveys cannot be attained.
    1. uglycels (which includes Eyes, Hair, Acne, Balding, Fat, "Cute" and Chin)
    2. framecels (which includes Height, Wrist and Thinness)
  2. Mentalcels are defined by these two classes, where "cold-approach" is less likely to yield results, but online ranking can be considerably higher.
    1. Psychopathcels, ADHDcels, Narcissistcels and Autistcels as "Social Instability" (Shorter Life History)
      1. chadcels with looksmaxxing
      2. likely to have "game" and are effective at utilizing PUA strategies
      3. often can target the cock carousel and other Milkmired women with relative ease
    2. Sociopathcels, Schizophrenicels, Bipolcels, BPDcels as "Social Inflexibility" (Longer Life History)
      1. truecels with feminized facial and frame characteristics
      2. likely to have higher IQ and creativity
      3. often the "manic pixie boy" stereotype, thus attracting rebellious females as a temporary beta-orbiter

Fakecels on r9k[edit | edit source]

There is a widely propagated rumor that discord servers were made by fakecels to coordinate an effort to get robot's on r9k to undergo gender transition surgery. They were said to do this by spamming pics of trans porn and telling incels that they could only ascend by transitioning. Because of this rumor, any posting suggesting incels fit in with the LGBTQ community is met with extreme suspicion as an anti-incel discord psyop.

Fakecels on incelistan[edit | edit source]

Because of incelistan's de-anonymous nature, fakecels are easily identified, but are allowed to continue to post.

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