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StormFrontcel is a term for incels who expouse white nationalist ideas. The term comes from the addition of the -cel suffix to the name of the formerly highly influential white nationalist forum and website Stormfront. StormFrontcels are commonly associated with Alt-Right groups. Though they are usually White, there are many Ethnicels who also subscribe to various far-right or white nationalist ideologies. StormFrontcels tend to be inclined towards traditional conservative beliefs and like to call non-Whites who disagree with them shitskins.

Detailed description[edit | edit source]

StormFrontcels are common amongst users of /pol/,, Ifunny, Tiktok, Twitter, and other social media sites where they aren't banned. Many StormFrontcels self-identify with the Chud label, despite the meme originating as a way to mock far-right incels. In modern Western societies, the far right is more likely to believe in genetic determinism, hereditary race differences, and other such beliefs that downplay sociological or cultural causes of individual and group differences in behavior and outcomes. Thus, there is some overlap between StormFrontcels and aspects of the blackpill that emphasize the importance of genetics in shaping social outcomes.

A lot of StormFrontcels, despite their beliefs, tend to get along with Ethnicels, including Blackcels and Jewcels. However, they tend to get angry when JBW theory is discussed. This anger is because StormFrontcels often believe JBW theory is an attempt by envious ethnics to invalidate the incel status of Whites. At the same time, non-incel far-right men tend to more often see such theories as proof of White supremacy. There is mixed belief in the community on whether BBC theory is true or it is simply "Jewish Propaganda".

Overlap with inceldom[edit | edit source]

Contrary to popular belief, there is no direct correlation between inceldom and being a Stormfrontcel. However, reasons as to why a lot of Incels subscribe to these views are due to beliefs in traditional gender roles, opposition to miscegenation, opposition to the LGBT, endorsement of natural hierarchy, opposition to modern economics, opposition to liberalism, opposition to feminism, etc. A lot of StormFrontcels believe a large part of the explosion in inceldom is due to feminism, mass immigration, multiculturalism, globalism, pornography, moral relativism, modern technology, neoliberalism, capitalism, communism, miscegenation, usury, democracy, etc.

Although a lot of people claim it is a contradiction to be an incel and an adherent to far-right ideals, many disagree. Arguments StormFrontcels make tend to be pro-eugenic ideas to improve the gene pool; many do not believe that there is a looks threshold to hold their beliefs using examples such as (Hitler, Goebbels, Eichmann, Mussolini, Hirohito, etc).

Some make more cultural arguments, claiming that the rise in inceldom is related to Jewish propaganda, social progressivism, or general dysphoric behaviors they argue are caused by modern conditions. StormFrontcels commonly propose a return to a highly traditional state that enforces arranged marriages and preservation of culture/race/country as a solution for inceldom.

Some prominent figures on the dissident right openly identify with Inceldom, such as Nick Fuentes, who is known for attracting many Ethnicels in the "groyper" movement and self-identifying as an incel. There are also a large number of Elliot Rodger memes in these circles, which have been using incel-coded language in these spaces for years.

General beliefs[edit | edit source]

Most StormfrontCels look up to people such as William Luther Pierce, Julius Evola, George Rockwell, Malcolm X (due to his view on ethnic nationalism), David Duke, Oswald Spengler, Giovanni Gentile, Ted Kaczynski, etc. Many of their views include going back to traditional times, with some believing the whole of the Enlightenment movement & French Revolution are significant root causes for the issues they perceive in modern societies.

There is also a large amount of Ethnicels who subscribe to some of these ideas, and many Blackcels believe in the principles of racial nationalism and conservation.

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