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There are many causes of inceldom, e.g. any flaw that negatively impacts sexual market value. However, it is also interesting to consider what is causing the recent trend toward more incels. This article will cover these two questions.

Potential causes of inceldom[edit | edit source]

Potential causes of the recent increase in inceldom[edit | edit source]

  • Evolutionary mismatch: Meaning current circumstances are so different from natural human nature that they adversely affect human sexuality.
    • Hyper-individualism: Historically, marriages were predominantly arranged, so people may be confused with the entire notion of finding a partner without guidance by the parents etc. or community, especially since communities are increasingly deteriorating (possibly due to an aging population).[2] This may e.g. express in a decline of enforced monogamy, causing people to be married every later, a trend that really started to gain traction with the rise of political correctness in the mid 1990s.[3]
    • Emancipation and affirmative action: Women's status inflation and affirmative action driven by a push for greater female workplace participation together with the sexual revolution, creating an evolutionary novel situation in which many women occupy higher status than men.[4] This results in demotivation of men, but in combination with hypergamy and women's preference to be dominated, it also leads women to be unsatisfied with most men.
  • Female financial independence: As women decreasingly need men's money, they also have less incentives to pair up with them, especially with men of lower SMV, playing into female hypergamous instincts and choosiness, so they can afford to be more choosy about looks etc.
  • Inhibition of men: Overall inhibition of men by a culture that does not cultivate masculinity and shames natural male preferences, such as for young women, and generally suspects men are bad and rapists (apex fallacy).
    • Anti-harassment legislation: Feminism, MeToo, lack of gender segregation leading to absurd laws that stifle male-female interactions, contradicting women's preferences for being subordinated and manned around.
    • Desexualization: Society's incessant promotion of desexualization and degenderization including the degenitalization of dolls by toy companies which promotes prudery.
    • Gynoncentrism: Apathy to male problems caused by a mixture of androphobia and gynocentrism.
  • Mutations and pollution: Rise in mutations as well as developmental insults due to pollution (e.g. xenoestrogens), perhaps causing feminization, overweight, underweight, autism, fluctuating asymmetry, underdeveloped jaws etc.
  • Stagnation: Economic stagnation, future pessimism, environmentalism, increasing economic inequality, lack of new exploitable industry sectors (only tech has been really growing recently), lack of geographical expansion etc. Millennials only have a fraction of the wealth boomers had at their age.
    • Helicopter parenting: Hysterical parents in times of harsher economical realities may instill a sense of hedonophobia in the youth (fear of obtaining pleasure), eventually culminating in an inhibition in people going for what they want.
    • Abelism: With stagnation arguably also the standards rise for people's ability, looks etc.
  • Secularization: Decline of religions and tradition, which usually strongly promote procreation.
  • Centralization: Globalism, steep hierarchies, social comparison with a greater number of people leading to inability to secure high status and confidence etc. for an increasing number of men.
  • Inflation of women's ego: Due to the rise of online dating and more opportunities for social comparisons, women may also show decision fatigue from having "too many options," the comparison effect from swipe-based dating systems, creating impossible to fulfill expectations, with women also mainly obtaining validation from the online apps rather than actual dates.[5]
    • White knighting feedback loop: This in combination with feminism forcing men to be nice arguably also spoils women as men may engage in whiteknighting to get sex, only inflating their expectations even more, forming a feedback loop with even more decision fatigue on part of women causing even more sexual frustration and niceness on part of men.

Evidence from the Donnelly study[edit | edit source]

In the Donnelly study, they asked 60 men and 22 women to take a survey on their past or present inceldom or singledom. The sample is very small.

Sexual status of participants
  Virgin Single Partnered Total
% N % N % N % N
Male 76 26 80 20 61 14 73 60
Female 24 8 20 5 39 9 27 22

They asked the participants to report barriers explaining 'off time' in their sexual trajectories. The key answers are listed in the table below.

Reason Virgins Singles Partnered
Shyness 94% 84% 20%
Inability to relate to others 41% 23%
Body image problems (weight, appearance) 47% 56% 9%
Living arrangements, work arrangements and lack of transportation 20% 28%

Evidence from[edit | edit source]

In October 2019, conducted a survey of their user base and received N = 546 responses. They asked "Select all factors that you believe are significantly preventing you from finding a partner". The results are presented in the table below. These results may not be representative of all incels. Some users of this forum may also suffer from body dysmorphia or otherwise overestimate the importance of looks or misattribute other flaws to it, e.g. autism.

Cause N %
Physical Appearance 473 86.6%
Self-confidence, social anxiety, etc. 395 72.3%
Lifestyle (e.g., too much time indoors) 266 67.0%
Physique (i.e., weight/muscle) 310 56.8%
Status (e.g., wealth, job, perceived "power") 306 56.0%
Height 281 51.5%
Personality 225 41.2%
Location 206 37.7%
Race 163 29.9%
Style (e.g., haircut, fashion) 154 28.2%
Hair Loss/Balding 136 24.9%
Age 126 23.1%
Religion 41 7.5%

Evidence from Reddit[edit | edit source]

Apostolou (2018) analyzed an AskReddit thread[6] for identified 6794 responses which were classified in 43 categories depicted in the table below.[7] The answers suggest the reasons for singledom are diverse. One response could be classified in multiple categories at once. Notably, these responses do not only contain incels, but also transitory/temporary singles.

Classified responses
Factor Number % Examples
Poor looks. 662 9.74% Cause I am ugly as fuck and have been cursed with awful genetics. Being under 6′0″ means I am invisible to women.
Low self-esteem/confidence. 544 8.01% Because I have massive self-esteem issues, I think I’m worthless, and I don’t do social things because I don’t want to inflict my stupid, worthless presence on other people. Confidence is the key, and I'm locked out….
Low effort. 514 7.57% I don’t put any effort or make any moves. I’ve never been really all that into actively seeking out a relationship. I’ve always believed relationships come and go on their own.
Not interested in relationships. 424 6.24% And no, I’m not saying that I can’t get anybody. I actively don’t want to be in a relationship. I like my freedom and privacy.
Poor flirting skills. 421 6.20% I’m completely fine talking to people I have 0 interest in, but if I remotely have a crush on you I’m probably gonna be really fucking awkward. Any semblance of social skills I have go out the window if I have a crush on you. My IQ drops to about 40 whenever I talk to women.
Introverted. 411 6.05% My days are spent at work/sleeping/working on projects around the house. The only way I am going to find someone new is if they break into my home while I’m there. Not many women on my way from my room to a kitchen and back.
Recently broke up. 363 5.34% My girlfriend just broke up with me…. Because I broke up with my girlfriend 3 hours ago.
Bad experiences from previous. 330 4.86% My last relationship ended so badly I never want to be in one again. relationships Because my last relationship was toxic as hell and now I avoid relationships to prevent being hurt that badly again.
No available women. 319 4.70% I have no avenues for meeting women. While being a mechanical engineering contractor is a pretty attractive job to have, you aren’t exactly surrounded by women.
Overweight. 315 4.64% Honestly, as my username suggests-too fat. [username twofat] Cause I’m fugly!
Different priorities. 309 4.55% I’m focusing on building my career, so I don’t have the luxury of dedicating enough time to a relationship right now. Grades before babes.
Shyness. 300 4.42% Shy. That’s pretty much it. Cause I’m too shy to ask anyone out.
Too picky. 294 4.33% My standards are too high for what I bring to the table. To be fair I tend to chase near impossibilities.
Anxiety. 283 4.17% I get terrible anxiety around women. Overwhelming anxiety whenever I try to speak with any woman I′ m interested in.
Lack of time. 256 3.77% Because I work 6 days a week and on Saturdays I play video games and sleep. Between two jobs is hard to find any time for dating.
Socially awkward. 249 3.66% I’m too awkward Awkward as fuck.
Enjoying being single. 217 3.19% I don’t value the things that a relationship brings, I value the things that casually dating brings. I usually date girls casually for a month or so then find someone new. Keeps things fresh and exciting for me. I’m lucky enough to be good looking enough to have random women sleep with me. So I’m pretty much going to stay single until my buying power declines and I’m forced to settle down.
Depression. 204 3.00% Depression kept me from going out and meeting new people for years. Crippling depression.
Poor character. 188 2.77% My personality is radioactive. I suffered from anger management and also being a huge narcissist.
Difficult to find women to. 171 2.52% Have yet to meet a girl who shares my interests who wasn’t already with someone else. match It is hard to find a woman my age who enjoys the same things, and doesn’t have kids already.
Poor mental health. 154 2.27% I am a high-functioning autist and feel deeply uncomfortable of physical contact.
Lack of achievements. 146 2.15% Because I’m a 41-year-old with all the qualifications and achievements of a 19-year-old. Being a 31-year-old grocery store drone doesn’t exactly drop the panties.
Stuck with one girl. 138 2.03% I’m in love with my best friend, who’s had a long distance boyfriend for a few years, and I can’t get over her. I want to be with a certain girl so bad that I’m either ignoring my other options or just not taking them seriously.
Lack of social skills. 137 2.02% Because I have the social skills of a dead goldfish. Zero social skills.
Have not got over previous. 134 1.97% Still kind of in love with a girl who broke my heart nearly 3 years ago. relationship I’m currently mentally addicted to my ex and I can’t imagine myself with anyone else.
Don’t know how to start/be in a. 133 1.96% I quite literally do not know how to be in a relationship. relationship I don’t know shit about dating and flirting.
Lack of money. 131 1.93% I don’t have money for dates, I barely pay my gas bill. Money…I don’t have a lot of it to treat a lady.
I do not trust women. 125 1.84% I have trust issues and made the decision to avoid relationships. I’m single because I can’t trust women for now.
Not picking up clues of interest. 124 1.83% I cant tell the difference if a girl is just nice to me or she is in to me. So I kinda let everything slip away. I’m terrible at picking up on signals.
Sexual issue. 114 1.68% What it lacks in girth, it also lacks in length. I’m asexual and afraid that people with leave when they find out.
Fear of relationships. 113 1.66% Because women tend to make me very domesticate, fat, and lazy whenever I put a name on it (girlfriend). Because the pain is inevitable. Relationships wear you down and crush your soul.
I am not interesting. 103 1.52% I am the most thoroughly boring person I know. Dull job (to most people). Dull interests, unremarkable body, unremarkable personality. I’m not exactly the kind of person who interests people.
Fear of rejection. 96 1.41% The crippling fear of the girl saying no. My fear of rejection stops me in all tracks of wanting to ask any girl out in person.
I will not be a good partner. 95 1.40% I am scared that maybe I’ll not be a good boyfriend since I don’t know anything about romantic stuff and what girls like. Because I don’t want to bring some poor girl into the depressing pit that is my life.
Attracted to wrong women. 87 1.28% Every woman who captures my interest is either taken, insane, or both. I have an uncanny knack for being attracted only to girls who aren’t single.
Homosexual. 86 1.27% Because I’m gay and 99 per-cent of the people I become attracted to aren’t. Gay and in the closet.
Given up. 85 1.25% Many rounds of rejection. Just gave up after a while. I’ll be fine on my own.
Is not worth the effort. 82 1.21% You get tired of being turned down after a while. Relationships take a lot of work, I’m not willing to put the effort in. Not worth the immense effort that you need to put in order to even find out if they’re interested or not.
Fear of commitment. 73 1.07% Don’t like the commitment a relationship entails Commitment is hard.
Health – disability issue. 72 1.06% I’m disabled and confined to a wheelchair. Not many girls will settle for that. Because I’m HIV positive.
Difficult to keep a relationship. 67 0.99% I somehow became unable to maintain any kind of relationship My relationships never last over 3 months. Girls break up with me without ever telling me the real reason.
Addictions. 58 0.85% I’m young and an alcoholic and no one wants to date an alcoholic. I am single because of my alcoholism.
Other. 807 11.88% I am not ready Just damn clingy.

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