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A manchild is an adult male who still possesses the psychological traits of a child. Because women mostly prefer men with psychological adult traits, manchild can become manchildcels.

According to the Urban Dictionary, typical traits of a manchild are:

  • whining instead of cope with it or no will to change it
  • childish humor, activities and naive thinking
  • blaming others for their problems
  • want to take no responsibility
  • children see him as another child but not an adult[1]

Manchildren are often NEET, Hikikomori and Weebs, have no driver license, live still by their parents, and do not do normie things like going to parties, which makes them statistical unattractive to most women. Women see them more than a son than a boyfriend and too weak and dependant.

Normies on the other hand uses the term "Man up" for everything a man doesn't want to cope with like what modern society wants form you and the causes of inceldom that mostly are just for male but not females.

Peter Pan syndrome[edit | edit source]

Manchildren are mentioned in the popular science book out the early 1980s with the same name The Peter Pan Syndrome written by Dan Kiley. It describes men that never want to grow up like the Disney figure Peter Pan. Typical traits mentioned are[2]

  • no self-discipline, responsibility and long time goals
  • more thinking and living in imagination than doing things
  • blames others for his mistakes
  • fear and secret guilt
  • depend on others and often need help from others
  • unable to love and be in a relationship
  • loneliness
  • chauvinism, egocentric and narcissism
  • problems to fit in the gender role of an adult, which is often the image of a Chad and NPC-Wagie for males in society

The peter pan syndrome's clinical psychology traits can be parts of an immature personality disorder, or of cluster-C personality disorders like dependent personality disorder or avoidant personality disorder.

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References[edit | edit source]

  2. Dan Kiley: The Peter Pan Syndrome: Men who have never grown up. Corgi Books, London 1984, ISBN 0-552-12554-7

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