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Tiktokcels are Zoomers who stumbled across the Blackpill on tiktok. They are known for being very narcy, non self aware and between the ages of 12 and 16. The majority of them tend to be truecels in terms of looks facially and are very common amongst discord servers. Many PSL accounts have been created on the platform with very inconsistent takes and atrocious ratings. They have polluted .org by spamming and providing no proper contribution to .org or .is . One of the first of these was a user named Whitesoldier7.

History[edit | edit source]

There was previous Blackpill accounts on tiktok but it was mainly in association with Elliot Rodger memes & edits. There was virtually nothing big outside of mewing & hunter eye memes slightly getting prominence during the summer of 2021. The term incel was a very household term but simply as a pejorative. However we start to see a slight popularity in BP like culture with users such as SyrianPsycho posting their facial transformation as well as Dillon Latham & Dxxniel. It wasn’t until March 2023 where we see the James Sapphire fiasco. This is when the Blackpill developed prominence on the app rapidly. As the Bonesmashing meme started slideshows depicting mogging causing it to blow up even further. The early tiktokcel’s are from the March - May 2023 era.

Users[edit | edit source]

Prominent pages of these tiktokcels include those such as Sudanguy a known troll who has properly familiarized himself with PSL culture and the Blackpill. He had a viral video in summer 2023 depicting images of a rapper named PrettyOver and showing screenshots of Meghan Roche virtue signaling the person in the pics. He larps and falsifies his identity as a Instagram / SoundCloud rapper known as PrettyOver.

Other examples include whitesoldier7, Matelot, etc

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

  • low iq
  • arrogance
  • will directly brag and then say “is it over” after the statement
  • Ebonics
  • Discord or Tiktok
  • discord server with looks in the title
  • incapable of winning arguments
  • mis usage of terms like Harmony, T50 eyes, hunter eyes, canthal tilt, recession, clavicles, etc
  • self centered
  • narcicistic
  • unaware of terms not spammed on tiktok such as NEET, KHHV, Gandy’s heaven, abused dog, “buddy boyo”, Aboriginal Australian, etc
  • fishing for compliments
  • surface level understanding of the Blackpill, Genetics, Phenotype, Facial Aesthetics, etc
  • excessive usage of emojis
  • matriarchal worship of women
  • spam of dms for rating or advice to any random member that has a join date prior to theirs
  • misuse of the PSL rating scale
  • inconsistency in ratings
  • only phenotype they are aware of is north Atlantid
  • slurred speech, bad grammar, misspellings, etc
  • extremely gullible
  • unaware of non tiktok “PSL Gods” such as Gandy, Maher, Eriksen, Clint Walker, etc
  • unaware of non tiktok “incels” such as Alek Minnasian, Cho, Jsanza29, BarakaTv, Schery6, intellau_celistic, Blackops2cel
  • recessed chins, weak orbitals, long/compact midfaces, prognathism, etc
  • will severely underrate or severely overrate
  • no understanding of incel culture or any lore outside of slideshows/videos provided them on tiktok
  • rating bias
  • obsession with hard maxxing that they will never get
  • Big Ego + severe overrate of themselves extremely common in their discord servers.
  • ethnics more specifically a very large amount of South Asians, SEA, etc
  • worship of Western Europeans
  • worship of the term as well as misuse of the term dark triad.
  • obsession with Chico, Barrett, Richard Ramirez, etc
  • terrible rating systems
  • aged 12-16
  • lookist & hypocritical
  • “mog battles”
  • worship of forum members such as Salludon, Orb, Nordsmog, Crisick, etc
  • obsession with small irrelevant traits
  • neurotypical but call themselves neurodivergent due to a misuse of the
  • weak understanding of Blackpill culture
  • do not comprehend the genuine Blackpill

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