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A truecel is a man so incredibly unattractive, deformed and/or neurodivergent, that no women will date him. This brings him in a state of trueceldom. The average truecel is so oxytocin-starved, even a brief touching of fingers whilst exchanging cash with a female store clerk who looks like Whoopi Goldberg or Rosie O'Donnell can send truecels over the moon in a frenzy of euphoria.

Truecels typically are those at the bottom decile in terms of SMV (sexual marketplace value) and LMS. In terms of appearance, truecels typically range from very ugly to being so nauseatingly hideous, merely looking at their face makes one go yuck. This category of inceldom includes deformed people.

Truecels have never approached a woman they have found attractive, rather choosing to engage in juggernauting, i.e. approaching women they consider unattractive. Being a truecel is also sometimes accompanied by having AVPD, a condition often experienced by people who have been relentlessly bullied or ridiculed throughout their lives.

Traits[edit | edit source]

Characteristics commonly found among truecels is high inhibition, mentalceldom and uglyceldom. Their self-esteem is usually so low that even a simple activity such as walking to the cornershop may induce panic attacks due to a sub-conscious inkling that they've been rejected by society and such do not deserve to walk on earth. This feeling of unworthiness makes each step feel like their genetically inferior feet are contaminating the soil and thereby may produce a funny walk reminiscent of those with cerebral palsy - and that's ignoring truecels who literally have cerebral palsy, since a good chunk of them are disabledcel. The average person is too embarrassed to be seen in public with a truecel, never mind dating them.

When encountering nearcels, truecel's tend to be very protective of the word incel. Truecels often claim that anyone not hideously ugly should not be allowed to use the term 'incel', and only do so because they are failures in life or want attention. Although not all truecels are manlets, the few that are normal height or tall, tend to have ther hideousness distributed at higher levels in other parts of their bodies, especially the head. They typically have an exceedingly assymetric face to the point they consider pulling their neckscarf over their face during winter, and the hair on their scalp is so sporadic, that during astonished stares by nomries, they pull their hoodie over their heads so nobody sees that chemotherapy-patient-like scalp growth.

Even prostitutes who are offered a generous tip would typically reject a truecel. In the rare instances where truecels are not rejected, the encounter is usually one of profligacy, since truecels sometimes have to pay a hiked up remuneration price if they resort to prostitution in order to lose their virginity. The prostitutes see this as a form of compensation for having to endure sleeping with a quasimodo look-alike. As such a trip to a red light district in Nevada for a truecel generally costs more than it would for a normie.

All in all, the life of a truecel is often characterized by permavirginity, i.e. they remain virgins for life.

Names[edit | edit source]

Truecels are also called by various other names, including:

  • permacels
  • KHHV
  • hypercels
  • bottom-percentilers
  • 1st percentilers
  • 1st decilers
  • bottom decilers
  • permavirgins
  • grool-killer
  • groolcider (someone who makes a girl stop grooling)
  • WBAFC (way below average frustrated chump)
  • BAFC (below average frustrated chump)

Noble Truecels[edit | edit source]


Meme[edit | edit source]

One of the most notable truecel memes is the 5'2 balding Indian janitor.

Getting help[edit | edit source]

To those truecels whose predicament is caused by their ugliness, they should consider contacting or reading about Changing Faces.

Trueceldom to reluctant volceldom sequence[edit | edit source]

Some members of the incelosphere have noted a not-uncommon trait they have noticed among some truecels; the act of eventually becoming a reluctant volcel after a long time. The archetype of a truecel starts out with bluepilled attempts at ascending, and later when that doesn't work, trying out varied redpilled attempts at deincelization, including looksmaxxing, trannymaxxing, statusmaxxing, moneymaxxing, surgerymaxxing, gymmaxxing, juggernauting, betabuxxing or SEAmaxxing etc. but eventually continuing facing the reality of still being mogged.

The best way to understand the phenomenon of the trueceldom to volceldom sequence is through the Einstein idiom "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result". The tricenarian truecel eventually feels hopeless about their situation and accepts their fate as an omega male who has lost the genetic lottery and is destined to a life of a lonesome GDE (genetic dead end) who remains single till they are put into a coffin.

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