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Kondo Akihiko, the man who "married" Hatsune Miku, along with his bride.

A kinkcel, fetishcel, or pervertcel is a person whose inceldom is due to awkward or abnormal fetishes or fantasies, and who solely gets sexual pleasure out of the fetish. Many people avoid relationships with kinkcels because they think the kink is too weird, extreme, dangerous or perverted. Kinkcels can also be apart of other incel groups.

For example, a Weebcel might like lolicon or incest hentai, which often leads many "leftist" females (who cannot tell the difference between fiction and reality) to consider such actions as actually promoting or participating in illegal activity. This is because many of these people are victims of actual cases (such as molestation at a young age, being a kink-shamer, or just not understanding the fetish) and think that anyone who has a fetish they are not comfortable with deserves complete social ostracization for being actual criminals.

Women also indulge in degenerate kinks (e.g. bestiality, guro, rape/abuse, etc.). However, these behaviors are not ostracized in women, while men are shamed for the same behavior. Additionally, many often have double standards on what is and isn't okay. They often abuse societal loopholes and bend the rules to suit their narrative.

The Kink Typology Hypothesis[edit | edit source]

A sex researcher by the name of Aella conducted a survey on people's preference of fetishes, and their respective political alignments.[1]

  • Voluntarists prefer Masochism, Humiliation, Spanking, Exhibition, and Latex Clothing.
  • Green Libertarians prefer Femdom-Malesub Relationships, Monsters, Aliens, and "Futanari" (hermaphrodite).
  • Anarchists prefer Bondage, Asphyxiation, Pegging, and Sex Toys.
  • Democrats prefer Orgies, "Vore" (fictitious swallowing), and Alternate Sex Positions.
  • Communists prefer Sadism and Maledom-Femsub Relationships.
  • Fascists prefer Rape, Sounding, Bestiality, Dirtiness, Scarring, Anal Sex, and Power Exchange.
  • Conservatives prefer Incest, Lactation, Feet, Pedophilia, Age Play, Scat, and Bleeding.
  • Liberals prefer Voyeurism, Uniform, Pet Play, Incest, "Creepy Crawlies", and Necrophilia

From this we can make a few observations:

  • Domination by males and females are orthogonal rather than opposites. However male dominance (and sadism) is opposite to the preference for masochistic tendencies harbored by voluntarists, whilst female dominance (along with bondage and asphyxiation) is opposite to the preference for rape and anal sex. Both forms of domination points towards the economic left, but distinct from those who prefer orgies. All three of these fetishes hints at strong verbal tilt (neuroticism), and that a preference for femininity over masculinity might be a sign of high IQ.[2]
  • Conservatives and Liberals are the most likely to harbor kinks that are socially taboo, notably pedophilia, incest, and necrophilia. It is possible that either there is cognitive dissidence between such taboos and what the ideology stand for (see Tradcon), that such taboos are biologically advantageous (e.g. female fecundity effect against infant maladaptation), or that this survey may have certain biases. People that are more likely to have such fetishes are likely to have average or below-average IQ but strong spatial tilt[2], making them less socially integrated.
  • Voluntarists are the most likely to harbor fetishes that are depersonalizing, whilst communists and fascists are ethe most likely to harbor fetishes that involves aggression, pain, and penetration. It is possible that the former have higher IQ and strong spatial tilt (mental stability), whilst the latter have lower IQ and strong verbal tilt (neuroticism).[2]
  • The Anal-Oral-Phallic trinity can be seen as Libertarian-Socialist-Authoritarian trifecta, and that obsession with each of these forms can be tied to different childhood histories, predicted by Lise Bourbeau[3][4].
    • Libertarians are more likely to be Lanklet (ectomorphic) with childhood problems regarding lack of safety. Autistic behaviors like intellectualism and material detachment creates loneliness and pain tolerance.
    • Socialists are more more likely to be Fatcel (endomorph) with childhood problems regarding the failure to individuate. Simp-like behaviors and hypersexuality are common.
    • Authoritarians are more likely to be Gymcel (mesomorphic) with childhood problems regarding sexual development. Dark triad behaviors, aggression and Mogging are likely to happen due to low trust.
    • These three forms can be further be paired with Dominance hierarchy and its stratifications.

These typologies are also hypothesized to be linked to different forms of mental illnesses.[5] As previously noted, most mental illness regress towards verbal tilt and democratic preference except sociopathy and the psychotic spectrum (schizophrenia and bipolar). Orthogonally, anxiety and BPD points towards fascism (relating to the Manic-Depressive Tyrant Hypothesis[6][7]), whilst ADHD, Autism and C-PTSD points towards libertarianism.

Kinkmaxxing[edit | edit source]

There are certain circles in Cutecel circles that recommends Yaoi-baiting ("Fujobait") as a means of acquiring sex.

Alternatively, there are those who seek Femdom girlfriends, however the same problem of Pussy cartel lingers, that they will either only want high quality men, or that they are "Fujoshis" (nerdy Tomboy-esque women).

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