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Kondo Akihiko, the man who "married" Hatsune Miku, along with his bride.

A kinkcel or fetishcel or pervertcel is a person whose inceldom is due to an (some) awkward and abnormal fetish(es) or fantasy(ies), and who only or mostly get sexual pleasure out of it (them). People do not want to go in a relationship with this person because they think that the kink is too weird, extreme, dangerous or pervert. Because the majority do not want these people as partners or for sex, they become incels or pay for professional services. Such types can also be apart of other incel groups.

For example, a Weebcel might for example like lolicon or incest hentai, which often leads to many (often self proclaimed "leftist" types) females (many of which who cannot tell the difference between fiction and reality) often considering such action as actually promoting (if not outright participating in) illegal activity and should be considered criminal. Often this is because many of these people are victims of actual such cases (such as molestation at a young age, being a kink-shamer, or just not understanding the fetish), and see that anyone who has a fetish they are not comfortable with justifies the promotion of complete social ostracizing from the group and accusing said people of being irl criminals. Although this is not always the case, as scatophilia, feet fetishism, etc. are also likely if not extremely common.

This is not to say Women do not have kinks of their own, on the contrary, many actually do (even if they don't admit it as other women often slut-shame each other for expressing such kinks) with them having overt fetishes that are often considered taboo. For example, Bestiality, Guro, Rape/abuse, Shipping, etc. However, if you are not a fan of such and openly refuse to participate in such sexual activity that achieves her fantasies, you might be accused of "repressing her sexuality" and thus, might be dumped or even socially ostracized if it is a kink people socially deem "acceptable".

Many often have double standards on what is okay and what isn't. And often have a lot of societal loopholes bend the rules that suit their narrative. For example, shipping fictional characters who are underage in cannon is gross, but shipping characters of a different species (especially if there is homoerotic subtext since woman love that) together is completely okay. And often in large groups will vocally be in opposition if anyone brings it to comparison with the real world or is "problematic" despite the fact that they will use the same labels on kinks they don't like.

Kinkmaxxing[edit | edit source]

There are certain circles in Cutecel circles that recommends Yaoi-baiting ("Fujobait") as a means of acquiring sex. Success however is unknown. TBD

Alternatively, there are those who seek Femdom girlfriends, however the same problem of Pussy cartel lingers, that they will either only want high quality men, or that they are "Fujoshis" (nerdy Tomboy-esque women).

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