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Hapacels are similar to tragic mulattos but tend to be a combination of all different types of cels. Since most Hapas are born from incel fathers who cheat evolution through JBW and beta bucks, since Asian women are well known for marrying for money and not for looks, many Hapas are a combination of being physically unattractive, as well as Asian. While being Asian itself isn't a deterrent, it is theorized that many women stay away from Hapa men due to the stigma and phenomenon of racist white incels getting with Asian women. This means that many Hapas suffer from being framecels, mentalcels, mancels, lookscels, and ironically, stormfrontcels - since many Hapa men want to be white due to their parents' bizarrely confusing and racist parenting. Hapacels have been shown to be particularly dangerous, because many of their Tiger Mothers bluepill their sons by saying that Hapas are all movie stars, which, if you look at the low quality of their fathers, could not be further from the truth.

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