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A mancel is a male heterosexual who is on the inceldom spectrum. The term is used in order to distinguish mancels from femcels, transcels and intercels. This differentiation is useful because mancels often face unique issues that distinguishes them from nearcels, truecels and incels of other sexes or gender identities.

Synonyms[edit | edit source]

There are many synonyms or near-synonyms of the term mancel. These include:

  • Blue baller
  • Boycel
  • Cockblockee
  • Coccyx syndrome sufferer
  • Grasseater man
  • Guang gun (or bare branch)
  • Herbivore man
  • Leftover man
  • Malecel
  • Nice guy
  • No pum pum syndrome
  • Omega male
  • Shengnan
  • Zeta male