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A nearcel constitutes a "3" on the decile scale. A nearcel is someone who fits many of the criterias for being an incel, but isn't quite incel. The average nearcel simply has perpetually long dry spells without relationships or sex. The main difference between the nearcel and incel is that while incels usually feel hopeless, nearcels feel that way to a much lesser extent.

Nearcels are only one decile point away from being low-tier normies. Nearcels usually become aware of their nearceldom when they notice noone is interested in dating them. Others realize it when they can't even enter the friendzone. When they get tired of slothing, they often resort to sexpatting (going abroad to get laid/married).


  • incellite / incel-lite
  • incelish
  • quasicel
  • 3rd deciler
  • high-tier incelibate
  • semicel