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A NEETcel is either someone who believes that their status as a NEET is a major contributor to their inceldom, or someone who is an incel and also is a NEET, either because they see no point to working (since they cannot betabuxx), or for other reasons. Many incels are discriminated against in the workplace for their looks or poor social skills, so it becomes a contributing factor in why they become NEETs.

Some incels are NEET for political reasons as they do not wish to contribute taxes to a purse which disproportionately benefits normies, Chads and Stacy's or just sex-havers in general. These incelists argue that a large proportion of single mothers who produced children from their wild hooking-up during their teens and 20s eventually become single mothers on welfare. As such, since incels were not invited to these hooking up parties, incels wonder why they should pay for the after-effect of a party they were excluded from. To incels, this makes about as much sense as paying the rent of a random person you do not know, halfway across the world. Others have chosen the NEETcel path out of misanthropy, and subsequent unwillingness to engage in a society they feel has rejected them.

Potential Causes[edit | edit source]

Parental Neglect[edit | edit source]

One suspected cause for NEETcel behavior is lack of guidance from parents or adult figures in a NEETcels life. Whether a parent isn't around because they don't have the time from working long hours, or simply because they don't care to take the time to get to know their child, this comes at the cost of the child developing new coping mechanisms. The lack of active presence in the child's life leaves the future NEETcel unskilled in a variety of core life skills, like making friends, healthy emotional management, and self discipline. While not consciously thought by the NEETcel, there is a general understanding that nobody cared to invest in them, so there is no obligation nor motivation to invest in oneself.

Personal Network Enablement[edit | edit source]

NEETcels tend to somehow manage to get by on the off-chance that they develop surface-level friendships with other incels during their school years. Because the NEETcel failed to develop the skills to function in society, they tend to be the friend that copies others homework, or rides on the coattails of a group presentation. Because their social circle enables this behavior, it continues the cyclical nature that inhibits the NEETcels ability to develop life skills necessary to join society once they reach adulthood.

Addiction[edit | edit source]

It's not uncommon for a NEETcel to find solace in something they can feel successful at after being dealt a failing hand by parents around them. Often, solace is found in videogames, binge-eating, porn, or studying up on something niche that they can take ownership of. In a constant search for the serotonin that comes with completion, the NEETcel is prone to falling into counterproductive habits. These habits inhibit the NEETcel from developing meaningful relationships which could potentially inspire a lifestyle change.

Autism[edit | edit source]

From "A new report released today by the Office for National Statistics shows that autistic people are the least likely to be in work of any other disabled group. Just 21.7% of autistic people are in employment."

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