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A poorcel is someone whose poverty has been a major factor behind their inceldom. One study found that women are 1000 times pickier on the issue of a potential partner's wealth than men.[1]

In the 1800s, Punch Magazine (a humor outlet) identified poverty as one of the primary reasons for inceldom.[2]


It's OVER if you're poor[edit | edit source]

source [3] One interesting conclusion of the study below is that it doesn't really seem to matter if one makes $1 per year or $20k per year in the dating scene. All those men have it hard. The main differences in mating success vis-a-vis money emerge in the 50k-100k range.


Factors[edit | edit source]

The following are a few factors pertaining to poorness that may hinder a man's chances in the love department:

  • he's too broke to afford a date
  • his poorness makes him self-conscious around women
  • he can only attract conservative women, but these women require marriage - something he can't afford
  • he's too broke to go out
  • he's too broke to afford nightclub entry fees
  • he's too broke to rent his own apartment, which would aid in finding a spouse
  • he's too broke to afford drinks etc.
  • he's too broke to afford decent clothes

Women deem you trash[edit | edit source]



Popular attitude toward poor men[edit | edit source]

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