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A ramuscel is someone whose inceldom is attributed to a short ramus. The lower jaw bone directly in front of and under the ear. This bone is sexually dimorphic, meaning the longer it is, the more manly the face. Ramus length determines which way gravity pushes the facial bones. If the ramus is short gravity will push the man's face to grow downward, which leads to a more wimpy, childlike, beta male looking face. If the ramus is long, gravity will push the man's face to grow forward, which leads to a more masculine, adult, alpha male looking face. Ideally the ramus should be long enough to where it makes the lower jaw near parallel to the floor. If it is parallel to the floor you enter Uncanny Valley territory and just look silly, like the gigantic mass bodybuilders with small heads. Thousands of male photos from 40 different countries were averaged together. The men of West African, South African (Black), African American, and Ethiopian, descent have noticeably longer ramus's than all other races of men in the gallery. Where as men from Japan and Korea have noticeably shorter ramus's than all other races of men in the gallery.[1]

Interestingly the average Calvin Klein model does not have an excessively long ramus, its about slightly longer than average. The model is just much lower body fat % and has other attractive traits.[2]

Polls show Incels disproportionately suffer from small stature. Incels also have disproportionately short ramus's, and low testosterone. As shown by lookism forum posts. This implies the dramatic rise of Inceldom is correlated with a boom of objective health issues affecting men. It is thought that the trend of educated parents having children later is the culprit of these health problems, because they are passing on too many errors in their DNA coding with age.

The worlds youngest biological grandfather, become a grandfather at 29 years old. Both him and his son, have long ramus's. The grandfather had a defined ramus before gaining weight. His son has an extremely defined ramus.[3]

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