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A gymcel is an incel who works out, believing that a muscular body will compensate for an unattractive face. Gymcels will often spend countless hours in the gym trying to improve their body in the hope of attracting women.

Evidence has shown that it's mostly the face that determines whether women feel attracted to a particular man. Many top male models have incredibly attractive faces, tall stature, and good frame but are not overly muscular. Some of them are even skinny.

Nonetheless, many incels could benefit from going to the gym, especially fatcels who need to lose body fat to show their bone structure, or skinnycels who are just skin and bones and could use extra muscles in their neck, shoulders and torso, if not only to maintain their health.

J.J Anderson[edit | edit source]

The YouTuber, grappler, and bodybuilder DairyLand Strength, also known as J.J Anderson, is the epitome of a gymcel coper. He is a dyel with a bad frame, who gives false hope to other coping gymcels on his YouTube channel.

He has been asked about his dating life a few times on YouTube lifestreams, after which he always replies nervously, giving vague, generic answers. He advocates "bluepill" theory, that having a good personality and delusional self-confidence is the key to attracting women.

Scientific proof that face > body[edit | edit source]

A research study in 2007 which analyzed evolutionary behavior confirmed the following:

“For both sexes, face attractiveness predicted overall attractiveness more strongly than did body attractiveness, and this difference was significant in males”[1]

Downhill D Miller[edit | edit source]

Downhill D Miller

Downhill D Miller is a super nice gymcel vlogger, who happens to have a very strangely shaped, large nose and pinhead. His gymcelling has not brought many women to the comments of his Youtube channel or his real life. In fact, he's a 43 year old virgin! So much for weightlifting! He attributes his inceldom to social anxiety and depression, but many people think he just needs a nosejob.

Kinobody & Lean Pill[edit | edit source]

Many Gymcels, such as Kinobody, suggest that lowering body fat can cause your face to become leaner, and thus more angular and less wide. However, like the example of Kinobody, with extremely subpar bone structure, the leanness necessary to have any noticeable effect is widely considered to be unsustainable and unhealthy by the majority of experts in the fitness field, often causing exceptionally low libido and extremely high levels of resting stress. When Kinobody is at more sustainable bodyfat levels (12%, the lowest limit of what may be considered sustainable for the 1% most fit men), his face is noticeably recessed and unattractive.

Pro-gymcelling arguments[edit | edit source]

In contrast with the incelospherian consensus of gymcelling, many people in PSL community have a positive view of gymcelling and believe that it is a legitimate method to increase the SMV and get better chances to escape inceldom. In order to support their argument they show ugly muscular men who are successful on Tinder. Examples:

Possible Avenues for testing this theory[edit | edit source]

  1. Plot the effects of facial attractiveness vs bodily attractiveness individually, then observe differences or correlates in aggregate
  2. Isolate potential independent effects of Dark triad traits and/or Life history in female raters, which are theorized to prioritize body and status
  3. Discover possible correlation between Autism and sensitivity towards looks

Memes[edit | edit source]

Female reaction to a faceless gymcel[edit | edit source]

Some gymcels love to completely exclude their sub8 faces from their dating profiles. Here’s how females react when they do that:

Gymcel expectation vs reality[edit | edit source]

Chico says it all[edit | edit source]

A Chad simply doesn't need to gymcel. Chico knows that since his facial structure is already near perfect, gymcelling would simply waste time and effort.

Impress the ladies[edit | edit source]


Remember you paid for it[edit | edit source]

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