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In the incelosphere, a dickcel is a man with a penis that is below average; the average being 5.2 inches, erect. In the future, if society begins to feel a tinge of sympathy for the plight of inceldom, it may be possible to help dickcels and men with micropenis once sex is viewed as a Maslow need. This may prompt greater facilities for dickcels to meet for instance women with vaginismus which may work out perfectly for both parties.

Evolution of the male penis[edit | edit source]

The human penis is extremely large to our the related primates. The human penis may have been runaway selected to be particularly large. This means the large human penis has no biological purpose besides being particularly impressive for the women and passing on this trait to increase the physical attractiveness of the male offspring. Sexual selection being involved is evidenced by women preferring a penis much larger than average and by women admitting to rejecting males with small penises.[1] To the contrary, good geners would claim that well-formed boobs are honest signals of reproductive value, e.g. in particular, the male penis may have evolved from female promiscuity to be able to scoop out competing sperm by sheer size and shape of the glans.

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