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A voicecel is someone who is involuntarily celibate wholly or in part because he or she has an unaesthetic voice.

In males[edit | edit source]

The ideal male voice is low pitched, low tone, thundering, guttural and with a degree of rasp to it, it is possible this is the way it is because males with voices like this were selected for due to their higher chance to intimidate predators and rival tribes with their shouts, whereas males without this trait were less intimidating and thus less likely to scare off rival tribes or predators.

A deep voice is caused by thick vocal cords, as well as being larger in size (generally, the larger the animal, the lower the pitch) and having a wider ribcage which is related to a wider frame and strength which are all masculine traits. A rasp is usually developed as a result of strain of the throat, disease or age. If a male is constantly engaged in fights with other males, he will likely develop a slightly raspy voice from shouting, which is why very raspy voices are not attractive whereas slightly raspy voices are.

Because of this, if you are a voicecel, chances are you also are a submissive effeminate beta male who does not engage in conflict with other males, a framecel and a heightcel, although this is on average. Some outlying tall men with large frames, have small voices, due to naturally thin vocal cords. Testosterone increases the base thickness of a man's vocal cords during puberty, however there are many other factors that determine voice as well, such as body fat %, also a man that has naturally thin vocal cords, and therefore an abnormally small voice before puberty, is very likely to also have a small voice compared to other men even after puberty regardless of adult height and frame.

A voicecel may have any combination of the following: A high pitched voice, which signals femininity, a very loud voice which is uncomfortable for others to listen to, a speech impediment such as stuttering or a lisp, undesirable tooth formation which causes certain sounds, most commonly the S, to become too sharp, or the worst of all, high nasality, which makes you sound like a goblin.

Anecdotal reports have described mewing as a cure for lisps, even in adults due to expanding the mouth, making extra room for the tongue, allowing for speaking without the tongue hitting the teeth at all.

Possible coping methods may include smoking cigarettes to artificially create rasp, speaking "from the chest/stomach" to make the voice deeper and less nasal, taking exogenous testosterone. it is possible to a degree to fraud having a masculine voice or at least mitigate the effects of voiceceldom, however it is a conscious effort, so there is a high probability that you will forget and blow your cover sooner or later. On the other hand enhancing an already masculine voice through conscious effort, such as a radio announcer, or movie trailer voice over guy would, is seen as confident.

In females[edit | edit source]

It is impossible for females to truly be voicecels, or truevoicecels, because there are hordes of thirsty incels who have no standards at their beck and call. That said, the archetypal, conventionally attractive female voice is high pitched and childlike, a breathy, sultry, seductive voice is attractive as well, and also perceived as dominant and adult. A woman lacking an archetypal attractive voice may not be able to sleep with chad, an undesirable female voice may be too loud "shrill", too nasal, or have masculine influences, in the case of the latter it is likely that the woman in question is a masculine lesbian, making it not a problem. If she is not however it is a problem because men are not attracted to women with manly voices.

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