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A disabled person's life, and a Chad's life.

A disabledcel or handicapcel is someone whose inceldom is caused by him or her being disabled. It is a hyponym of the word medcel. It is a demonstrable fact that disabled people get discriminated against in every field of life, and this includes the dating scene. The primary charity in the UK that deals with disabledcels is TLC Trust. There is an appalling societal perception that disabled people have low libido, and as such if they're single, its totally fine or even preferable, because surely, its simply a case of volceldom.

Wellness[edit | edit source]

On forums related to inceldom, several mentalcel posters have argued that disabledcels (or handicapcels) are arguably better off than physically abled mentalces. This argument usually stems from the empathy gap. Individuals who receive empathy from the wider populace are arguably better off as this empathy may result in practical and positive feedback. This is in contrast with those who are faced with an unsympathetic feedback. It is arguably the case that individuals whom have a physical disability as opposed to a psychological disability experience higher levels of empathy. This is because of the human tendency to defer to a tangible reality over abstract ones. The physical disability is tangible; one can see it with one's own eyes, the missing limbs, the walking stick, the hearing aid etc. On the other hand, a psychological disability, the ailment experienced by mentalcels, is more abstract rather than tangible. You don't necessarily know whether a depressed person is depressed. One could assume such a person is faking their distress in order to elicit sympathy, or one may ascribe manipulativeness to such a person.

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