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A Slavcel is a subset of the ethnicel, meaning he is someone of Slavic descent who is also involuntarily celibate.

Descent countries[edit | edit source]

There are a lot of countries where Slavcels appears, but most of them are from Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria or even Estonia or Finland. Many Slavcels are migrating to USA, UK, Scandinavia or Germany for work. They want to do this work for big money (for west it is low money, but it is worthly in Slavic Countries). There are some "sub-species" of Slavcel, for example: Lecsocel (Hungary), Finncel (Finno-Uralic lands, Finncels are mixed Slavcels with Nordicels), Romcel (Romania) or Baltcel (Baltic States). Slavcels are mostly living at the countryside, sometimes in little town. They mostly come from two models of family. First one is: alcoholic father and agressive mother. Second (mostly seen in Poland, Hungary, Finland and Czech Republic) is the model where mother is workaholic and she forgets she has a son and his father who must to do all housejobs.

Lifestyle[edit | edit source]

Not like Currycels or Arabcels, they don't write to western women for their "bobs and vagene". They avoid western social media, but sometimes browses slavic ones. Their food is mainly food made by their "babushka", frozen food, kvass, beer and ocassionaly vodka and kebab. There are some example of Slavcels that are also Gymcels or Gamercels. This two types are never drinking alcohol or smoking. Nearby 3,621% of Slavcels are alcoholics or smoking cigarettes. Slavcels are mostly good educated, but they have a low-educated jobs, which they want to change.

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