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A Happycel is a person who has lived to accept their inceldom as not a negative trait, but something that cannot be helped and therefore, shouldn't be tampered with. This can also be known as "white-pilling" which is learning to accept that one cannot change their unfortunate situations, but can learn through experiences of hardship to have a positive state-of-mind and accept their situation as a way of enlightenment.

Happycels are usually those who were once a consumer of the blackpill and can have a great deal of wisdom and advice for others who cannot escape the blackpill. A happycel is also usually not someone who is self-proclaimed a "happycel", but recognized by others by patterns of newfound positivity, however it is not entirely impossible to be a self-proclaimed "happycel".

An absolute necessity in order to be a happycel is to no longer seek or desire a sexual or romantic connection with another individual.