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MGTOW (also spelled migtow) is an acronym for a collection of online volcel forums dedicated to Men Going Their Own Way from women. In other words, a collection of forums dedicated to volceldom, male separatism, anti-feminism, and anti-gynocentrism. It is believed that most MGTOWs are celibate, especially those in monk-mode. However, one does not need to be celibate to be a MGTOW, with many MGTOWs consorting with prostitutes or claiming to engage in non-committal sexual relationships with women.

Beliefs[edit | edit source]

The 'core' level ideal of MGTOW is generally considered to consist of refraining from any long-term committed relationship with a woman. Therefore a slayer that 'pumps and dumps' women but never commits could technically be considered to be a MGTOW. Some MGTOWs brand themselves as volcels (voluntary celibate).

Incels frequently claim that these most of these men aren't choosing this path and are instead being sent their own way by female hypergamy. The reason for this assertion would be the primary focus of most MGTOW forums on posts excoriating women and criticisms of female behavioral tendencies and nature. And obsessing over inequalities in society regarding the treatment of and societies discrepant expectations of men and women. This type of content seems to predominant over more uplifting content extolling the benefits for a man 'choosing' this path.

Also, no fap is very popular among some MGTOWs. Some argue against this though, and encourage masturbation as an alternative to sexual interactions with women. The asceticism, slut shaming, patriarchal attitudes, and self-styled proud volceldom of MGTOW forums makes the members of the forums remarkably similar to puritanical Catholics. This is the general thinking behind the use of the word, "monk", to self-describe in the MGTOW forum sphere.

MGTOW vloggers[edit | edit source]

Although and /r/MGTOW are popular MGTOW sites, MGTOW activity seems to be especially present on Youtube with countless accounts dedicated to MGTOW content just from motivated individuals. It's not really an organized group. Here's some of the more notable ones:

Popularity[edit | edit source]

Despite claims that MGTOW is dying as a movement, it remains the most popular manosphere content format on Youtube, as the top three manosphere content creators as of mid-2019 seem to be MGTOW content creators instead of incel or MRA.


Off-gridders[edit | edit source]

Off-gridders are the most extreme MGTOWs, who go a step further by disengaging from society as a whole. They can be seen as somewhat similar to the Sovereign Citizen movement in the United States.

Difference between MGTOWs and incels[edit | edit source]

MGTOW forums generally think men don't need sex or relationships and think female nature is inherently evil/selfish. They tend to think female nature can't be overridden. However, there are some Tradcon elements in the modern MGTOW movement who believe that women can be 'trained' to behave in a more agreeable manner in a Traditionalist society. MGTOWs also think they are volcel which is cute.

Incels on the other hand think men with a normal sex drive need sex and/or relationships, but some men have are selected out and that doesn't allow them to be able to engage or be a part of any type of relationship with a women. Many self-identified incels believe in the Blackpill and they believe that they never had a chance to be with a women since the day they were born.

There is also a tendency for many MGTOWs to be 'redpilled' in the PUA sense of the term, and therefore to undervalue the important of looks in female mate selection, and overate the important of 'game'. However many MGTOWS are 'blackpilled' in the sense that they believe LMS is the primary driver of the sexual/relationship desire of women, and that ergo most low-status men are excluded from non-transactional, consensual sexual relationships with women. However they tend to disagree with the more nihilistic, deterministic conclusions that many incels draw from this realization.

Many MGTOWs are basically incels in denial. A substantial amount are also ex-betabux providers who experienced 'divorce-rape' from their ex-wives. They also are way more paranoid about women than self-described incels (perhaps rightly so.) Both groups though generally agree with Esther Vilar.

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