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Aging is a process in which the body loses health, vibrancy, quality of life and functionality, including female fertility and male sexual potency and comes closer to death (eternal unconsciousness).

Old age is considered as unattractive for the reasons stated above.

It is possible for older men to partially compensate their age by high status and money (e.g. Donald Trump, born 1946 while his wife is more than 20 years younger).

Aging in women[edit | edit source]

Despite average-looking women have a higher dating chance than average-looking men, as already mentioned in FaceAndLMS videos, women have a major weakness: Aging.

In other words: It is fairly easy for even average-looking women to get coupled, due to the abundance of men with strong sexual desire[1] and evolutionary sexual openness of men, except if that woman has a higher age.

Despite humans from both genders age similarly, taking similar damage, the female body loses its evolutionary purpose: Fertility.

While male testicles still produce semen well into old age, the female fertility starts malfunctioning at the age of 40 and will be expired entirely by 50.

The male brain is naturally programmed to seek fertility. For that evolutionary reason, aging is much more devastating to female attractiveness than male attractiveness.

It is possible that a 20-year-old average-looking woman is more attractive than a 60-year-old former super model.

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