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The Wall or dead end, also called agepill, refers to the age people at which they become milkmired. Aging is a process in which the body loses health, vibrancy, quality of life and functionality, including female fertility and male sexual potency and comes closer to death (eternal unconsciousness). The agepill for women holds in particular, men prefer young fertile women before they hit the wall. Feminists hate this fact so much that they deny it.

But age is bad for men as well, with older men being less physically attractive. However, contrary to women, it is possible for older men to partially compensate their age by high status and money (e.g. Donald Trump, born 1946 while his wife is more than 20 years younger). Also men's facial appearance ages less quickly.

The agepill for men is that the saying that "women age like milk, men age like wine" is largely cope, because older men have a harder time getting access to young and attractive women.

When one reaches old age, there is no return to the youthful, healthy years. The only future in sight are the worst, least healthy, least free, hardest, most disabled and restricted years of one's one and only life.

Aging in women[edit | edit source]

Despite average-looking women have a higher dating chance than average-looking men, as already mentioned in FaceAndLMS videos, women have a major weakness: Aging.

In other words: It is fairly easy for even average-looking women to get coupled, due to the abundance of men with strong sexual desire[1] and evolutionary sexual openness of men, except if that woman has a higher age.

Despite humans from both genders age similarly, taking similar damage, the female body loses its evolutionary purpose: Fertility.

While male testicles still produce semen well into old age, the female fertility starts malfunctioning at the age of 40 and will be expired entirely by 50.

The male brain is naturally programmed to seek fertile partners. For that evolutionary reason, aging is much more devastating to female attractiveness than male attractiveness.

It is possible that a 20-year-old average-looking woman is more attractive than a 40-year-old former super model.

Incels vs MGTOWs[edit | edit source]

MGTOWs tend to frame The Wall as this crushing reality that women must face, who proceed to suffer sexual starvation. As if The Wall is somehow nature's payback for women being choosy earlier in life.

Incels regard this attitude is ridiculous and that The Wall for women doesn't doom women to a life of thin sexual choice. It has been proven for example that 40 yr old single moms can get dates on dating sites, with relative ease—regardless of their reproductive capacity.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

The older you get, the faster time goes by. The older you get as an incel, the more missed important youthful experiences you have. Other people are going to college parties, getting married, and having kids while you [decay]. The older you get, the more your body begins to fall apart from the inside after the age of 25. The older you get, the uglier the foids your age get and a younger foid will find you creepy if you try anything. Eventually you’ll become a lonely old fart with no experiences to reflect on before you know it.

Saint Hamudi (video: “Agepill is the worst blackpill”).

Anti-Aging Looksmaxxing[edit | edit source]

PSL users try to fight aging with methods like Red Light Therapy, Retin-A and sunscreen. Older users have also undergone wrinkle fillers or fat grafting, botox and nasolabial fat removal. Another age-related issue is Norwooding and is fought through finasteride or dutasteride.

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