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Cuckoldry is sexual infidelity committed by a female to her boyfriend or husband. A cuck (in the sense commonly intended when the word is abbreviated as such) is a man who allows his wife to cheat, someone who engages in "polyamory", or someone who is not able to sexually satisfy their partner (leading to cheating by the female). In a modern pejorative sense, it refers to a spineless or effeminate man in general, or a man who advocates progressive social policies, with this usage being mainly being associated with the alt-right, due to them successfully labeling the neo-con and establishment conservative opponents of Donald Trump as 'cuckservatives', in the run-up to the 2016 U.S presidential election.

However, many incels don't use this word as a pejorative, claiming the motives of shaming a lack of masculinity are anti-incel, social darwinian, or somewhat misandrist as they claim that weak men will always exist and are necessary to value for a healthy society.

Quasi-cuckoldry[edit | edit source]

Some females get off by participating in quasi-cuckoldry. This involves having casual sex with a slayer, right before dating a beta provider or right before committing to a beta provider. This leaves the beta provider a risk of providing for the child that's not his own. Lying about her past experiences with other men is another form of quasi-cuckoldry. (See also Slutting it up with the slayers)

Slayers also get off by participating in quasi-cuckoldry. This involves hiding the identities of the females he has had sex with. Later when the females find their own boyfriends, they would be unaware of her past sexual experiences. The slayer will get off at the thought of their boyfriends providing for them (who used to give him sex for free).

Wittoldry[edit | edit source]

Wittoldry is similar to cuckoldry except in relation to family; i.e. example someone who welcomes random strangers to bonk their immediate family. The adjective form of such a stance is wittoldic or wittoldrous. A man who behaves this way is a "wittold". A woman who behaves this way is called a wittoldress or wittoldatrix. The act in and of itself is called "wittolding", while its verbified form is "wittoldize" or "wittoldizing". Someone who is being wittolded is called a wittoldee. Examples of wittoldic behaviour include:

  • Buying your sister's boyfriend a packet of viagra
  • Insinuating that your 16 year old daughter and her boyfriend should "go bareback"
  • Buying a brand-new car for your daughters boyfriend of 1 week.
  • Leaving the house in the evening whilst playing a compilation slow-jam album whilst 12 of your intoxicated male friends are in there with 5 of your female relatives.
  • A man visiting a seedy nightclub with his sister and not paying any attention afterwards.
  • A woman leaving her 18 year old son in the presence of her female friend who is known to have sugar momma tendencies.

In Islam, wittoldry is considered a sin, as illustrated in the following hadith "The Messenger of Allah said: "There are three at whom Allah will not look on the Day of Resurrection: The one who disobeys his parents, the woman who imitates men in her outward appearance, and the cuckold."[1]. This has been interpreted to not only refer to males who allow their wives to have sex with other men, but also to refer to men who "has no protective jealousy or pride" towards his wife or female relatives.[2]

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