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Shaming things men can't change is a popular femoid hobby

Femoids, or, foids, short for female humanoid organisms, are flaky creatures who have bullied or ignored you your entire life. That is unless they were somehow making money (or trying to make money) off you as a teacher or counselor or hairdresser or wife etc... It is rumoured they are capable of close, stable friendships, but most women also dispute this. One popular femoid hobby is feminism, the process by which they lie to men that their ever increasing sexual freedom will trickle down below sub 8 PSL rated males. Another popular femoid hobby is encouraging vicious male competition and toxic masculinity in general through their sexual selection process.

Dykes[edit | edit source]

Women tend to react as negatively to women as men do to women in dating. This is seen with lesbians on social anxiety boards (and incels.is, see Chewabacca) and FTM transsexuals that try to date women. Dykes find out how hard it is to get past a woman's hind-brained paranoia about strangers and new people, and end up bitterly single.

The value of femoids[edit | edit source]

Femoids are very good at lying very often and not feeling bad about it. This makes them very good at child-rearing and being a lawyer but a bit more than misleading during dating or while giving dating advice. The easiest and most heroic act of compassion and generosity for women would be to put effort into relationships with incels. However it is unknown whether or not incel groupies actually exist or can exist due to a lack of natural sexual generosity among the female species. Femoids are also very good at extracting personal wealth from men when given the freedom to. Femoids now own more total personal wealth than men in the United States.

Life on Tutorial Mode[edit | edit source]

Imagine if foids wanted actual equality

Origin of the term[edit | edit source]

Women were upset that autists were being autists (not new) and complained incels were using the scientific term 'female' instead of 'woman' in incel forums. In response to the complaint being dumb, as you can't always substitute 'woman' for 'female', many incels stopped using the word 'female'. And instead chose chose a more dehumanizing term, 'femoid', to make fun of women hating the word 'female' and to make fun of their own autism.

Locomotion[edit | edit source]

Femoids like to travel in packs.

Fakeup[edit | edit source]

One common 2010s femoid hobby was wearing wayyy too much makeup to get the FUCK away from their looksmatch and closer to chad.

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