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Shaming things men can't change is a popular femoid hobby

Femoids, or, foids, short for female humanoid organisms, is a term for flaky creatures who have bullied or ignored you your entire life. That is unless they were somehow making money (or trying to make money) off you as a teacher or counselor or hairdresser or wife etc. It is rumored foids are capable of close, stable friendships, but most women also dispute this. Popular femoid hobbies include twerking as well as feminism, the process by which women seize the means of reproduction to liberate themselves from ugly beta provider men, all under the pretense that their sexual freedom will trickle down below sub 8 decile rated males. Another popular femoid hobby is encouraging vicious male competition and toxic masculinity in general through their mating preferences.

Femoids are generally embarrassed about their sexual desires as they are irreconcilable with civilizational values. As such, females distort the reasons why they choose the men they do under an intense web of internal lies.

Dykes[edit | edit source]

Women tend to react as negatively to women as men do to women in dating. This is seen with lesbians on social anxiety boards (and incels.co, see Chewbacca) and FTM transsexuals that try to date women. Dykes find out how hard it is to get past a woman's hind-brained paranoia about strangers and new people, and end up bitterly single.

"Good genes radar"[edit | edit source]

Many people in the manosphere and womanosphere claim women have a, "good genes seeking radar". This is, of course, false.


Foid psychology[edit | edit source]

Unaccountable & childlike[edit | edit source]

Main article: Female hypoagency

Foids are basically children. First off, well into their 20s they look almost exactly like teenage boys with long hair. In their teenage years, girls mature faster than boys and then get stuck with the mentality of a 13 year old girl. Adult foids cry just as much as young teenage girls[1] and they expect things being done for them, a passivity that has been noted by many throughout history (e.g. Otto Weininger, see also timeless quotes on women). They expect to have the last say in decisions because not including them would be sooo unfair! They generally evade any accountability and few people like to hold them accountable either because of how cute they look.

In amazing contradiction to media narratives, women are more likely than men to initiate inter-partner violence (despite being less outwardly aggressive).[2] Much like a childish urge to romp they appear to expect to be physically restrained in response to their tantrums, which can also be seen in their sexual desires for being raped.

Weak & obedient[edit | edit source]

Foids are weak and have historically often lived in harems since humans are a moderately polygamous species. Even though they pretend otherwise, they love being manned around. Being weak, they are always anxious about all sorts of things, become sad easily and cry like like babies wanting to be fed. Like children, it takes a while to calm down from anger and it's best to leave them alone and recollect themselves. Foids smile a lot to avoid conflict and follow rules, because one cannot afford conflict being weak after all and men and their parents prefer obedient foids as wifes to avoid being cuckolded and investing in someone else's offspring.[3] Foids have played it easy ever since,[4] stayed at home, cooked, cared for the offspring[5] and gossiped about the men and other foids.[6] Contrary to men, they've never been expected to achieve anything, except being good & obedient mothers. Having nothing else to bring to the table, women's intrasexual competition primarily consists in attracting men by fakeup and a faithful reputation. This reason women are tidier and swear a lot less. Women playing it easy and women-are-wonderful and halo effects may explain why women are misperceived to have social aptness.

Mischievous & solipsistic[edit | edit source]

Main article: Female solipsism

Being cute and childlike nobody really disagrees with them, such they often get lost in their solipsism. They also never grow out of childish testing of social boundaries as there are mostly no consequences after all. A childlike personality also helps them to bond with the offspring which they cared for ever since. Being used to life in harems they do not really care about their man engaging with other women, as long as he does not leave altogether. The reason being, when a foid gets pregnant, she knows for a fact that the child is hers. When a man's female gets pregnant, there's always the possibility that the child isn't his. Foids are genetically oblivious to men's issues in this regard, and hence will never understand why men perform mate guarding and hate women's natural tendency to whore and flirt with potentially better men. This makes you wonder what goes through women's heads in these situations. Probably, "I'm weaker, so it is his task to protect me, tee-hee". Foids are also excitable like babies by any kind of entertaining event.

Having more investment in the offspring than men, women can afford to be choosy. They have disgust of low status and ugly men and couldn't be more disgusted by the thought of having to carry their seed. They sneakily organize the world around them to avoid low status men (feminine imperative). Different from men who constantly think hard how to get sex, much of women's thoughts are concerned with squashing unwanted sexual approaches.

Being unaccountable, women are free to hold completely contradictory opinions, e.g. preferring equality in social matter, but not in the sexual market, being opposed to white supremacy, yet ruthlessly dating whites, being proponents of environmentalism, yet preferring carnivores. The list goes on and on.

Fake-empathy & bi-sexuality[edit | edit source]

Foids compete by a reputation of faithfulness and motherly obedience, hence they gossip much more and talk a lot. Foids also compete more by looks, hence they talk a lot about looks. Foid's social interactions are more playful, childish and emotional, which misleads us into thinking they would be more empathetic. In truth, they do not care about anything or anyone else but the offspring and high status men and appearing favorable among other foids, who they hate with passion. If they happen to not hate another foid, they will often engage in close grooming, gossipy even sexual relationship because there is no threat to them being regarded as gay as it exists for men and it's a great and pleasurable way of spending time. Bi-sexual women may have been selected for by alpha men because women in his harem getting additional sexual pleasure from other women rather than from other men would help the man to avoid being cuckolded.[3][7] Women's greater tendency to engage in same-sex acts has been commonly ascribed to their greater "sexual fluidity" than men,[8] however this there is evidence that appears to negate this theory, instead showing women's sexuality is relatively stable over their life course, despite women being more prone to bisexuality.[9]

The value of femoids[edit | edit source]

Femoids are very good at lying very often and not feeling bad about it. This makes them very good at child-rearing and being a lawyer but a bit more than misleading during dating or while giving dating advice. The easiest and most heroic act of compassion and generosity for women would be to put effort into relationships with incels. However it is unknown whether or not incel groupies actually exist or can exist due to a lack of natural sexual generosity among the female species. Femoids are also very good at extracting personal wealth from men when given the freedom to. Femoids now own more total personal wealth than men in the United States.[10]

Views on love & pairbonding[edit | edit source]

Many Arguments are made about how femoids view love & companionship. Many self-described incels still believe that woman view love in a romantic way, however those in other incel camps theorize that most woman view relationships in a very shallow, materialistic way. Similar to a business transaction, as compared to men's love, which is claimed to be more idealistic in nature. It is also believed that most woman have a very strict "bottom line" and they will "shop around" with a very defined list of hard attributes. This is usually done before said femoid is checking for shared values, morality, intelligence and other things. This also explains why many woman end up in abusive shitty relationships. Their "bottom line" makes them tunnel vision on certain qualities that are not favorable in the long haul.

Life on tutorial mode[edit | edit source]

Imagine if foids wanted actual equality

Life on Tutorial Mode is a condition describing the female state in the West, stating that men have a much harder time accomplishing their social goals compared to women. Women can encapsulate any personality traits they want and it will not have an effect on their social success or finding a loving partner. Men, however, must portray strong personality traits, and cannot show weakness lest they cause their partners to lose interest.

Tutorial Mode is also seen in politics and the work place, in fields like STEM. For example, women only take up about 20-30% of STEM college fields, yet represent 50% of workplace positions in STEM.

Origin of the term "femoid"[edit | edit source]


Women were upset that autists were being autists (not new) and complained that incels were using the scientific term 'female' instead of 'woman' in incel forums. In response to the complaint being dumb, as you can't always substitute 'woman' for 'female', many incels stopped using the word 'female'. And instead of chosing a more neutral word they chose a more dehumanizing term, 'femoid', to make fun of women hating the word 'female' and to make fun of their own autism.

Locomotion[edit | edit source]

Femoids like to travel in packs.

Sympathy[edit | edit source]

Women have to put up with tons of things that are extremely oppressive. Such as sex, embarrassment about sex, taking their clothes off, being around ugly men, etc

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