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-maxxing or -maxx is a suffix used to refer to activities aimed at improving some aspect of one's sexual market value. Someone who has done those activities gets the suffix -maxxed after the name of the activity performed or the type of -maxx/-maxxing.

Examples[edit | edit source]

  • Looksmaxxing: any attempt at improving one's appearance.
  • Statusmaxxing: the act of improving one's value on the dating market (SMV) by increasing one's social status
    • Careermaxxing and academiamaxxing: the act of improving one's career to improve one's social status
    • Moneymaxxing (also called Wealthmaxxing): are attempts that beta males and incels make to become wealthy, in order to live a better life or to attract women (becoming Beta providers in the process)
    • Methmaxxing: contributing, aiding, or otherwise partaking in the production or distibution of methamphetamine, usually with the goal of achieving wealthmaxxing.
  • Clownmaxxing/Honkmaxxing: The act of improving the skill to see the world and your own life as joke as a coping technique
  • Jestermaxxing: trying hard to make people laugh.
  • Therapymaxxing: when Mentalcels should go to more therapies for a better dating value.
  • Medmaxxing: when Mentalcels or Medcels must take more medications that changes the personality or have other side effects to have more success on the dating scene.
  • Drugmaxxing: When an Incel take drugs to get a partner or search for a partner that takes him because the drugs block her to See the incel traits. Or when an Incel must take drugs lower the negative effects and pain of his incel life
  • SEAmaxxing (South-East-Asia-maxxing): the practice of improving ones dating-chances as a Westerner by dating in South East Asia, otherwise known as Tutorial Island.
  • Transmaxxing: the act of switching to another gender in the hope that it may help you to escape inceldom.
  • Machismomaxxing (sometimes also called narcisismmaxxing or Chadmaxxing): the act of becoming more machist to be more attractive to women
  • Goatmaxxing: when one obtains goats and moves to a desert/mountainous area and spends time raising them.
  • Thugmaxxing; when one imitates a stereotypical black man to get around with women
  • Disabiltymaxxing, Weirdmaxxing or Uglymaxxing: when one searches for partners with disabilities, extreme weirdness or ugliness (resulting in low dating value) so one has less competition with others for these partners, resulting in a better chance to score.
  • Grannymaxxing: When someone searches for older people because the sex Ratio Changes to more females than males in higher ages
  • Povertymaxxing: When an Incel goes to poorer regions to find a Partner that thinks he is wealthy
  • Waifumaxxing/ Dreammaxxing : When a weebcel tries to beliebe His imagenry waifu is His girlfriend



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