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Shitskin is a pejorative term used by some to refer to those with darker-brown skintones. It is a term hurtful to ethnicels. While the term may refer to those possessing a skin tone ranging from "tan" to black, which would include, but is not limited to, Latin-Americans, Arabs, Mediterraneans and mixed-race individuals, the terms usage has been more and more commonly used to represent individuals from South Asia, or those hailing from the Indian Subcontinent.

Some attempt to strike back by using a reflexive term cumskin.

2018 examples[edit | edit source]

  • Jan 15 "My mom did, it didn't work. She's still a shitskin."
  • Jan 28 "I as an above average Indian cant get a gf and I see dumb shitskin curries with better looking gf all the time."