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Brazilian girls are considered especially attractive women. This may be due to the large population and genetic mix between European, indigenous native, Asian and African ancestries, which can result in attractive females with hot bodies, and exotic beauties. Because Brazil is the most populous country in Latin America, Brazilian women are pretty much everywhere.

Brazilian women come in a number of different flavours, some are as blonde and pale as any from Europe (you can find those on the Southern part of the country), whilst you also get a mix of darker skin with blonde or brunette and dark with dark hair. It has been noted that Breast enhancement surgery is obviously very affordable in Brazil as it appears to be extremely widespread, D cups being the order of the day.

Brazilian women are known for valuing neurotypicality a lot, so be wary about behaving nerdy or autistic around them, otherwise you would need a high SMV to make up for it.

Escorts[edit | edit source]

Brazil is one of the best places in the world for escortcelling. São Paulo also offers some of the best value high quality prostitution in the Western World, particularly in light of the recent fall in value of the Real.

Some escort outlets have women walk around a bar like they are on a fucking sushi train. If in Brazil and needing to chase women, be aware English is rarely spoken outside Rio, and that includes taxi drivers.

Customs[edit | edit source]

Brazilian women are reasonably open about sex, HJ's are expected however anal sex is not as common.

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