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Women in STEM is one of the most depressing developments in recent history, essentially preventing humanity from colonizing the solar system and driving STEM zoomers to the far right. It's not that they are all incompetent, but it is the inefficiencies and demotivation they create. With their high agreeableness, women entering the STEMs are thought to have multiplied bureaucracy and safe spaces preventing male nerds from getting things done.[1][2] Nobel price laureate Tim Hunt, father of two daughters, commented on this grievance:

Let me tell you about my trouble with girls … three things happen when they are in the lab … You fall in love with them, they fall in love with you and when you criticise them, they cry.[3]


High earning women in STEM also turn into particularly choosy maters and are generally reluctant to date less educated men unless they earn substantially more (see hypergamy),[4] hence often turn into bitter singles who end up coping on /r/childfree.


Developing countriesEdit

The share of females in STEM is higher in developing countries than in developed countries.[5] This is commonly known as the gender-equality paradox, where more gender egalitarian countries are often seen to exhibit stronger sexual dimorphism in a number of occupational, physiological and behavioral outcomes than many less egalitarian countries. For example, Fryer and Levitt (2010) found less of a gender gap in mathematics PISA scores in Middle-Eastern countries than Western countries.[6]

This is seen as possibly born from economic necessity, and it may also stem from parental restriction of women's career choices. Since people in these countries often have more salient immediate survival concerns and a stronger incentive to escape poveerty compared to developed countries, it can represent a sound economic investment to induce a talented daughter to enter a potentially high paying STEM career path, as opposed to the 'intersectional feminist studies' type nonsense that girls in developed countries are frequently allowed to study, especially as academic affirmative action provides strong incentives for this by an 'intersectionality' of ethnic and sexual minority status (see Sexual revolution § Feedback loop: Greedy parents).

Social engineeringEdit

There is a fairly strong desire in feminist, liberal developed countries to bring more women into STEM fields. One tactic has been basically letting any woman with arms into any low-level tech job, which is, of course, in favor of their parents as discussed above. A tactic with a low success rate. Other tactics have consisted of campaigns to encourage "girls who code". Proponents include Karlie Kloss, Hillary Clinton, the entire US Democratic Party, various tech bootcamps, and various documentaries such as Code Girl Movie.[7]


Gender ratio and STEMcel ratesEdit

There don't exist any studies on the effect of co-ed workplaces or classes on incel rates. The following is some indirect evidence:

Pro evidence: Students at co-ed schools seem to be slightly more successful with the opposite sex. According to a study by Ivy Wong, students in single-sex classes report later onset of dating experience and fewer dating partners than members of co-ed classes,[8] however the effect sizes were small (d = 0.2) and in most other measures of sexual activity there were no significant effects. A similar study by Ivy Wong demonstrated that students from single-sex classes report more anxiety around the opposite gender than students from co-ed classes, again with a small effect size (d = 0.26). Men from mixed schools also had more close friends of the opposite gender, with a moderate effect size (d = .47).[9] These studies only concern averages, so it is not clear who benefits (potentially only high status males as discussed below). In the Donnelly Study, some incels reported gender segregation at work and lack of exposure to females in general as a cause of their celibacy, especially among male incels.[10] A study of Redditors found lack of exposure to the opposite gender as the ~9th most common cause of their singledom (not necessarily inceldom) and 4.70% of all responses. On, 37.7% reported they are locationcels (see causes of inceldom).

Con evidence: On the other hand, most STEM jobs are fairly high-status positions and hence such women are expected to become more choosy about other men's incomes (see hypergamy), especially due to the highly competitive nature and chaotic growth of the field. In addition, with metoo and other anti-harassment measures, the workplace is becoming unpopular for dating, e.g. "meeting through coworkers" has declined 50% since 1990 despite decreasing gender segregation.[11] Today, as many as 28% of men avoid one-on-one meetings with female work collegues.[12] Many workplaces actively discourage romances. Also, even though sex-segregation has decreased, incel rates are at all-time high (see demographics), which is the opposite trend on would expect if mixed sexed would help alleviating the incel epidemic. Presence of females might be a detriment for the romantic success of omega males because males engage in more bullying and punishing in presence of females.[13] Jordan Peterson mentioned an anecdote in which only few male university students got to have sexual relationships despite a surplus of female students.[14] In some incel forums, incels also lamented that they have many female coworkers, but are ignored by them.[15][16]

Women as "pioneers in STEM"Edit

Women have never contributed much and they still don't and they never will.

Feminists hold up female engineers such as Margaret Hamilton, as 'powerful' examples of women being pioneers.[17] These feminists usually ignore the fact that these women were still only a tiny minority. They also ignore that engineering such as computer engineering was not seen as proper academic work, but subordinate to physics and mathematics.[18] Also early computer engineering had an overlap with data entry and textile work, which were traditionally female domains.[19]

Many of these women often also received substantial male aid and patronage, or were even posthumously given credit for work they didn't play a large role in by eager feminists, e.g., Ada Lovelace, who is often claimed to be the first computer programmer in history, was likely predated by her confidant Charles Babbage in this accomplishment, and there is no actual evidence that she contributed in any substantial way to Babbage's work in this regard.[20]

Even the unquestionably most distinguished female scientist in history, Marie Curie-Skłodowska (a 2 time Nobel prize winner), is apparently less eminent in regards to encyclopedia entries and academic citations, than her husband and colleague Pierre Curie, according to the author Charles Murray.[21]

The failure of affirmative actionEdit

Even though Western countries have invested billions of dollars in furthering female education, women's intellectual output relative to men's does not seem to have increased to meaningful extent. Progress is largely made by a tiny group of individuals, which are predominantly men, as was always the case. Notably, gender-progressive countries do not have a relative greater level of female achievement than less gender-progressive ones.[22]



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