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The leg-beard is often classified as a closeted woman that will obsess over any man-meat she can obtain, often times her archetype is that of an overly attached, shy female that will easily fall in love with any male that will talk to her. Usually she is overweight, undesirable, and has poor hygiene.

Background Of the Leg-Beard[edit | edit source]

Popularized on websites such as reddit, and classification the leg-beard is the female counterpart to the neckbeard. While the specifics of legbeards are new, it is an evolving phenomena, similar to that of the classification of the "cuck", a female counterpart will put up with a man cheating, disrespecting, and abusing her. Has no sense of self-identity, self-respect, or aspirations in life.

This term should be coined the cuckette. Often exploited by sigmas, and used by Alpha-male friends for sexual gratification, financial exploitation, or emotional support. The leg-beard is often found at places such as starbucks, anime conventions, youtube conventions, coffee-shops, supermarkets, or other places. Generally legbeards are not bad about showering, however grooming habits of your typical female do not apply to the legbeard.

Leg-Beard Identity & Congregation[edit | edit source]

Leg-beards often ascribe to political ideals such as feminism, eco-feminism, Social Justice, and are predominantly extremely left learning. Communication habits are often confrontational as which is applied to a typical "karen", all karens are usually legbeards who have managed to scrape the bottom of the barrel in the gene pool by settling down with the undesirables of society after their prime, and usually do not have kids, or who's offspring are usually extremely appalling due to the bad-mix of genes, socio-economic standing, and political oppression inside of their homes.

Cuckettes, legbeards, and karens tend to hang in flocks, as most women do. However they can usually be identified by their massive-body weight, body piercings outside of the typical ear piercing, or other sub-niche piercing such as that commonly associated with fetish communities. Not to mention a signature bob-cut, and abnormal dyed hair with "exotic" colors such as blue, pink, green, purple, or other neon hues commonly attributed with a pride flag.

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