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The womanosphere is a subset of the internet that is primarily visited by women and primarily deals with women's issues. The manosphere is in large part a response to the womanosphere. Since women are the virtue signaling gender, it is not always clear that what is being said in womanosphere vlogs or threads matches with reality.

Notable blogs[edit | edit source]

The Mary Sue[edit | edit source]

Liberal, female-centric-blog about geek culture.

Jezebel[edit | edit source]

Radically misandrist blog. Enormously popular.

Babe.net[edit | edit source]

Misandrist former tabloid that was staffed by millennial women. Used as a reputable source on Wikipedia. Widely criticized by the broader media and society for spuriously accusing people of sexual assault.[1][2] Closed due to hiring more people than funding could provide, male feminist ownership, and drama.

Tumblr[edit | edit source]

Microblogging and sharing site used predominantly by females.[3] Once used by 14% of all females on the internet.[4] Booted from iOS store due to child porn.[5] Lost 30% of its traffic after banning porn (which was widespread).[6] Was once valued at 1 billion, sold for 3 million after its porn ban.[7]

Source of neckbeard and fedora memes.

Notable forums[edit | edit source]

ovarit.com[edit | edit source]

A Reddit clone aimed at women and radical feminists

reddit.com/r/twoxchromosomes[edit | edit source]

Most popular female-only forum for women's issues. 13.1m million subscribers as of August 2021. Regularly gets on Reddit's front page.

reddit.com/r/AskFeminists[edit | edit source]

Self-explanatory. 32 thousand+ subscribers.

reddit.com/r/Feminism[edit | edit source]

Perhaps the largest feminist forum on the net.

reddit.com/r/FemaleDatingStrategy[edit | edit source]

Teaches women how to screen for so-called "high value men". Appears to espouse many misandrist views.

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