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Hole is vulgar term frequently used on incel forums (and elsewhere) to refer to women, as well as being a dysphemism for vagina. The term implies that women can be entirely reduced to sex objects, being solely described by their reproductive organs, and is thus considered highly offensive by many women. It can thus be considered to be more intensely pejorative in intent in comparison to the term 'foid' (female humanoid organism) another term that implies women are objects.

Timelessness[edit | edit source]

Despite the term seemingly being a reflection of a modern internet subculture where discourse is commonly saturated with a trollish, psychopathic tone the term actually also pithily reflects some of the pondering of humanities most eminent thinkers on the character of women. The German Idealist philosopher Otto Weininger, in his seminal work, Sex and Character, mused that women were incapable of full emancipation due to their nature being solely concerned with the sexual realm, unlike mens', Arthur Schopenhauer considered that women's 'destiny' began and ended with reproduction, and the influential Danish existentialist philosopher Soren Kierkegaard also expounded on what he perceived as the fundamental vapidity of women.

Derivative and related memes[edit | edit source]

Certain internet subcultures also construct memes that play on this central theme, for instance, the arguing with holes meme satirizes how a woman's first recourse when getting into a verbal confrontation with a man is to imply he is ugly, status or some other condition that will forbid him access to their holes, unwittingly reflecting the fact that the woman, in arguing in this fashion, betrays the fact that the woman believes her primarily worth is to provide sexual favours to men. Other popular internet memes such as the IM LIEK SUCH A NERD LOL obliquely touch on this trope as they bewail the fundamental lack of individuality and character displayed by women who seek to employ their sexuality to intrude on male spaces in order to receive male attention and, presumably (in some cases), also receive enjoyment by imbibing the greater vitality and creativity of male domains.

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