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NPC or NPC's (non-playable character) is an umbrella term used to describe people with pre-conceived notions and lack of critical thinking. Many normies fit into the NPC category because of their predictable social behavior and mannerisms.

Spotting an NPC[edit]

NPC's are often obsessed with trending things, such as contemporary rap music, pop music, top 40 radio hits, fashion and clothing, sports, restaurants and travel. They will usually upload pictures to social media within the context of worldly venues and locations, food and pet animals, mostly dogs and cats. They are generally very tolerant of ethnic, sexual and religious minorities. NPC's often label incels as misogynists and extremists.

Tribalism and Group Think[edit]

In a political context. NPC's tend to be left leaning, liberal and progressive. They have no strong opinions about anything and they also tend to avoid objectivity, when its presented to them. They also tend to support feminism, abortion, materialism, atheism. In general they are anti-intellectual in nature.

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