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Gay Alien Phenotype is a specific look of many male models, to the point its become a meme. Forum users on looksmax constantly debate on the actual defining factors of gay alien pheno with no consensus other than that this look constitutes being extremely high tier in looks on the PSL scale, at around a PSL 8 combined with an odd appearance. The name itself implies they are so striking and rare looking they are so distinct looking as to not even call them human anymore. The gay part might be physiognomy relating to the homochad hypothesis.

Australian model Jordan Barrett is often held up as prime example of the Gay Alien archetype by PSL users, his extremely compact midface along with his high positive canthal tilt and extremely sculpted and lean face may contribute to this characterization.[1]

Elsa Hosk - Backstage Lancaster in Montreal, Canada (cropped).jpg

Some have suggested women can also be "gay aliens", as the Swedish supermodel and Gigastacy Elsa Hosk has been described as a "gay alien".[2] Hosk looks quite a bit like Jordan Barrett and also has extreme PCT and a very compact midface which give her a highly neotenous appearance. Neoteny may also contribute to the "gay" part of this archetype.

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