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For the theory that on one or more possible major unseen factor(s) determine(s) women's attraction to a man, see X-factor theory.

In the PSL and incel communities, the sentences "x theory" or "Just x theory" are a meme.

Those sentences have four possible meanings.

  • One of the meanings, it pokes fun at the fact that there are many theories in those communities which try to rationalize and explain why its members are celibate, and that normies manage to have sex or improve their status or have a rich social life by performing actions which are intuitively perceived as either being detrimental to those goals or nonsensical.
  • Another meaning, it makes fun of the outlandish and ridicule actions someone performed or had to perform - consciously or not - to ascend or reproduce, and ironically implies the fact the person who is incel should do the same to ascend or reproduce.
  • The sentences can also make fun of outlandish theories or strategies proposed or used by some members of the PSL and incel communities to try to ascend.
  • It can also be a way to mock any behavior by anyone.
  • The last possible meaning is to make fun of someone's cope.

It is possible the "Just x theory" sentence was inspired from the Just be White theory.

x theory[edit | edit source]

Examples[edit | edit source]

Making fun of copes[edit | edit source]

  • "peak in your 90s theory"[1]

Just x theory[edit | edit source]

Examples[edit | edit source]

Normie actions seen a detrimental or nonsensical[edit | edit source]

Ascending or reproduction actions[edit | edit source]

  • "Just go rot on some god-forsaken island with savages theory" (reference to Polish ancestors of Polish Haitians)

Making fun of outlandish theories or strategies[edit | edit source]

  • "Just rape your family theory"[2]

Making fun of copes[edit | edit source]

  • "Just compare yourself to the worst of the worst theory"

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