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A white knight is a male who puts females on a pedestal. He may defend females from verbal insults and physical insults. Due to internalized misandry, they will sometimes throw other men under the bus to have a chance with her. Ideologically, he is typically bluepilled.

Attitudes towards white knights[edit | edit source]

Some men hate white knights, like this post:

Whiteknights betas IRL make me rage more than anything. Online it's pretty much unavoidable, people have no shame on the internet. But lowering yourself to the same social status as a fucking turd IN PERSON, WILLINGLY, is the saddest thing ever. The reason I say this is because near my locker at school is located a beta male, fedora-wearing whiteknight, who whiteknights the ever living shit out of a 6/10 plain jane who treats him like a sack of rotten piss. I just want to beat the shit out of his pathetic ass, wake him up. this bitch is mentionning HAVING SEX WITH SOME GUY WHILE TALKING TO HIM!!!!! She's always talking about getting fucked like the whore she is, and complains how her slayer fuckbuddies treat her badly, while he stands there laughing, probably waiting to jack off to her pics later that night.

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