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Roastie is a word for insufferable women that makes fun of something women can't change without extremely invasive surgery: their labia. Implying distended labia looks like roast beef.

Sluts have loose labias[edit | edit source]

The reason for the term “roastie” is that after a woman has had a large number of sexual partners, her labia begins to become wider and longer, eventually resembling the inside of an Arby’s roast beef sandwich. In 2019, British plastic surgeon Ben Khoda claimed that sexual intercourse could change the appearance of the labia, stating "It can also come from some more obvious but none the less important factors such as childbirth and sexual intercourse which can affect the way the vagina looks over time. These are all totally normal and natural ways for the labia to change."[1]


Foreign variations[edit | edit source]

The Chinese equivalent to Roastie is the "Black Wood-ear" (黑木耳), due to its resemblance to the female vulva and the myth that a women who is sexually active has high melanin content on the labia, in contrast to the "Pink Wood-ear" (粉木耳),who were the other way round which are virgins/women with less sexual experience.

Other Reasoning[edit | edit source]

This is in response to women who height shame men as men cannot change their height. The difference is that men generally don't give any actual fucks about women's labias and it's just a joke feminists claim to be upset about. While women give enormous fucks about the height of men, usually refusing to date any men shorter than them. Again, height being something men can't change without even more invasive surgery than a labiaplasty. Female members of the incelosphere, i.e. femcels, use the term "wurstie" as a hateful term against males.

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