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Femoid containment is a type of area some inceldom-related forums and Discord servers have had, where femoids were confined to a single sub-forum or channel, the idea being that those who did not want to interact with them could avoid that specific area.

Femoids[edit | edit source]

Femoids who showed up to femoid containment have posed as researchers, incel sympathizers, or simply as bored, curious, and looking for companionship. Some have described themselves as mentally ill, e.g. suffering from anxiety disorders that prevent them from finding relationships by normal means. Some have claimed to be adult virgins heavily sheltered by their fathers. Others have admitted to a degenerate past, and told stories of absent parents or troubled relationships with parents.

Historically, many users claiming to be femoids have turned out to be larpers, so some forums have used a "confirmed femoid" badge to designate those femoids who presented admins with proof of their sex.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Femoid containment areas have been shown to drive both activity and drama proportional to the youthfulness, cuteness, stated virginity, and overall desirability of the femoids occupying the area, and resulting attempts by men to pursue or orbit them, provoking jealousy, resentment, and contempt by others.

Because of this, there is often a cycle that emerges in which femoid containment areas are created to bring in traffic, and then shut down as they provoke too much drama and discord among members, resulting in activity cratering again, spurring a renewal of the cycle as femoid containment is re-instituted to bring in more traffic.

Historically, even if femoid containment areas have been kept, femoids have had short tenures on inceldom-related sites before getting banned or chased away, due to the huge amounts of complaints and hostility of which they become the focal point. When attacked, some of these femoids have been known to play the "arguing with holes" card, reminding users that they have the upper hand due to their ability to choose which men can have access to their holes.

One issue that sometimes arises with femoid containment is that members who described themselves as, e.g., 2/10 KHHVs who have no prospects of ever obtaining sex, are suddenly seen pursuing femoids as soon as they show up on the site, which calls into question whether these users are really so blackpilled about their chances as they claimed.

Admins have in some cases been accused of hoarding femoids or banning femoids they did not think they had romantic chances with. Admins have been de-adminned, users have banned, friendships have been destroyed, and incel sites have been closed down over conflicts surrounding femoids and users' and admins' behavior concerning them.

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