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Chud also known as Chudjak, or Poljak is another variation of the Wojak meme. It originates from the leftypol board and was initially used to mock the typical /pol/ user. It was modelled after the El Paso shooter Patrick Crusius.

The meme was initially used to imply that members of the far-right are primarily motivated in their beliefs by a combination of sexual frustration and resentment of more physically attractive/socially successful people. The meme was later co-opted by right wingers and used in a jokingly self-referential manner or, conversely, to imply that left-wing people are the ugly incels.[1]

The dueling utilizations of the meme by individuals on both sides of the political spectrum reveal that people with low socio-sexual success are typically seen as low-status by normies in a similar manner to how the Virgin vs. Chad meme was initially used.

Iterations[edit | edit source]

Other iterations of the meme, or catchphrases uttered by the Chudjak character include The West Has Fallen. Billions Must Die, GigaChud & You Don't Understand I'm Only 29, 29 Is Young.

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