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The Consoomer is a meme that is meant to mock the current state of individuals in our society. It portrays these individuals as devoid of any meaning, spirituality and empathy. The consoomer may display brand-loyalty along with emotional attachment to consumer products. Usually, the products they consume end up consuming them.

Typical consoomer traits may include:

  • taking a picture of a consumer good/product
  • documenting yourself consuming a product
  • reviewing/unboxing a product
  • hyping up an upcoming product
  • using a certain product to statusmaxx

"The Coomer"[edit | edit source]

There is another meme that is directly linked to the consoomer meme and it is the "coomer". It usually comes with repeated phrases such as "IM CONSOOOOOOOMING" or "just consoom and coom" mocking the possibility of a sexless lifestyle that is built on the consumption of porn and consumer goods.

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